October 19: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Liam No Longer Ignoring Bill’s Threats, Wyatt and Katie Ignoring Quinn’s

Thursday, October 19, 2017 – Episode #7697


Steffy Sets Conditions

Bill has told Steffy the clock is ticking on her brokering a peace deal between Liam and himself.  Bill won’t be blackmailed for the rest of his life.  Steffy is to get the deal done, or let him take over – his way.

Steffy is tougher than most of the women Bill goes up against.  And she has a few stipulations of her own…

Liam Protecting Himself from Bill’s Threats?

With all the warnings coming at him from those closest to Bill, Liam would be silly not to listen. Which he hasn’t been until now.  Wyatt worries for Liam warning his brother that Bill gets even when people cross him  Steffy, too is concerned.  She knows Bill Spencer doesn’t make idle threats.  And then there is Ridge, who doesn’t even understand what is going on between Liam and Bill, but recommended that Liam stay away from helicopters. 

bold and the beautiful spoilers

But Liam doesn’t have to believe those nearest and dearest to him.  Bill hasn’t held back.  Bill stormed into his former office at Spencer Publications last week and warned his son that if he lost Brooke because of Liam’s actions, then he would be coming after his son with payback as his single focus.

Liam tells Justin(?) that his father paid the office a visit and told Liam to his face that he had a plan to hurt him.  Liam has a warning for Justin regarding loyalty.  Undoubtedly it will go something along the lines of “do you want whatever Bill tries to do to me on your conscience?”

But that would require Justin to have one.  And I’m not sure we’ve seen much evidence of that.  Sure, Justin has reprimanded Bill a time or two, but only for putting himself on the wrong side of the law.  Never in a “geez you’re an awful person” kind of way.

Is Liam wondering about his choice to keep Justin on?  Perhaps.  He feels the need to tell Justin that if he can’t trust his loyalty he will be out of the company – just like Bill.

Katie and Wyatt Ignore Quinn’s Threats

Meanwhile, Katie and Wyatt are clearly ignoring Quinn’s threats to stay away from each other.  They are back at Katie’s place, presumably with the doors locked and drapes drawn.  Katie tells Wyatt that Brooke is filling for divorce.  Wyatt’s mind will likely go to Bill’s threats against Liam if that were to happen…

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Thursday October 19, 2017

October 19 in Bold and the Beautiful History 

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