October 20: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – You Had to Know I Was Coming For You..

Friday, October 20, 2017 – Episode #7698

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers:

Bill Gets Results

Bill finds himself back in a position of power when either his hacker comes through for him.  Bill who was impatient with the lack of results yesterday is suddenly appreciative of Justin’s efforts when he has the result he is after.

bold and the beautiful spoilers October 20 2017

Bill marches back into his office and delivers the news to his son.  Bill tells Liam that he had to know from the minute he recorded Bill confessing to burning down the Spectra building, that Bill would be working on getting rid of Liam’s leverage over him.

Meanwhile, Wyatt remains concerned for his brother’s safety.  He feely admits to Katie that he doesn’t want Liam in charge at Spencer Publications, but he doesn’t want to see him hurt either.  Especially not by their vengeful father…

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Friday October 20, 2017

October 20 in Bold and the Beautiful History 

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