October 24: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Quinn Fires Matteo, Eric Won’t Listen to Sheila Disparage His Wife

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 – Episode #7700


Quinn Fires Matteo

Sheila is becoming impatient with her plan to break up Eric and Quinn.  Yesterday, she pushed Matteo to get on with the job, despite his assertions that seduction needed finesse.  Regardless, Matteo, managed to convince Quinn she needed a massage, and the young man became a little too bold.  Quinn shocked pushed up from the massage table and told him he was touching her inappropriately to which he responded does it feel good?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Video spoilers show that Quinn isn’t amused.  She’s mis -stepped once in her marriage to Eric with his son, and Eric has forgiven her.  Quinn isn’t about to make that mistake again, especially with a young man her son’s age.  After all, that would make her as much a cougar like Katie!

And Quinn may like Matteo and recognize that he’s a handsome young man, but they haven’t connected as people. So Quinn is rightly indignant at the young man’s behavior. She tells Matteo that Eric promoted him because he trusted him, Quinn trusted him.  Quinn then proceeds to fire Matteo.

Or does she?

The scene feels a little too forced and if we had to guess, it is playing out in Matteo’s imagination based upon Sheila’s pressure to get on with the job.  Matteo does realize that should he continue upon the path that Sheila is paying him for, he will no longer have a job at the Forrester Mansion.  And breaking up Quinn and Eric could be challenging…

As Sheila herself is finding out at Il Giordino where she and Eric are having a conversation. Sheila clearly has nothing nice to say about Quinn, but Eric is having none of it. He quickly tells Sheila that he is not going to sit here and listen to her disparage his wife.  Eric has forgiven Quinn completely, Eric reminds Sheila.

Liam Fails Another Loyalty Test

Meanwhile, Liam may be grateful to his wife for all her efforts to reuntie him and his father – peacefully, but he seems to be making the same mistake again.  Bill was upset that Liam didn’t show any family loyalty and went along self righteously making things right, now it may be Steffy who isn’t feeling the love.

Liam won’t stop helping Sally Spectra even though his wife has made it clear she doesn’t like what he is doing helping her nemesis so much…Liam is clearly also forgetting his fathers words that if he doesn’t treat his wife right he’ll have Bill to answer to…

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday October 24, 2017

October 24 in Bold and the Beautiful History 

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