October 26: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Sheila Out Manipulated by Eric and Quinn


Eric and Quinn Turn the Tables on Sheila

It seems that Matteo has taken over from Katie Logan as head blabbermouth.  Thanks to a failed attempt to seduce Quinn, which was going to see him lose his job at the Forrester Mansion, Matteo quickly switched allegiances.  Matteo told Quinn everything.  Including that Sheila had commissioned a portrait of herself to hang over the mantle in the Forrester mansion living room when she became Mrs Eric Forrester.  Again.

Quinn has learned her lesson and took what she knew to her husband.  Eric and Quinn came up with a plan to take care of Sheila.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers October 26 2017

When Sheila told Eric that Quinn had cheated on him again, this time with his Estate Manager, Matteo, Eric went along with it.  It played out with Eric being grateful to Sheila for being the only person in his life to tell him the truth.  When Sheila casually mentioned she had a portrait of her own to replace Quinn’s Eric told her to get it. He made a show of taking down Quinn’s portrait and hanging Sheila’s.

But when Quinn arrived, and Eric didn’t stand by Sheila, she quickly realized she’d been played. Today, Quinn, confident in her place in Eric’s life, and their relationship tells Sheila that she is Mrs Forrester, not Sheila.  Eric also tells Sheila that she is still the same devious person she was all those years ago.  Sheila has proved that she hasn’t changed.  Unlike Quinn, who was tested by Sheila’s scheme and all it proved was how loyal she is to her husband.

Katie Is Skeptical Of Quinn’s Support

After his conversation with his mother, where Quinn, granted was distracted by what was going on with Sheila, Wyatt tells Katie that Quinn isn’t going to make trouble for them.  Quinn doesn’t like that they are together, but promised to try accept it.  Katie, justifiably, is skeptical.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Thursday October 26, 2017

October 26 in Bold and the Beautiful History 

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