October 30: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – You Owe Sally!

Monday, October 30, 2017 – Episode #7704


Double Crossed!

Liam realizes that Bill has double crossed him.

the bold and the beautiful spoilers october 30 2017

It turns out Liam didn’t look closely enough into he details when he gifted Sally the Spectra building.  He wasn’t able to legally do it without Bill’s signature.  Of course, Liam thinks that Bill owes Sally and Bill should not renege on the arrangements Liam put in place, but with Bill’s “Skye” Tower back in his office, Liam realizes that isn’t going to happen.

Liam then understands the depth of his father’s manipulation.  Even “sharing” the CEO title of Spencer Publications Bill and Wyatt will always maintain a majority and override Liam’s vote in any disagreement.

Meanwhile, at Spectra Fashions, Sally is spreading the news that Bill Spencer is back at Spencer Publications…

Brooke’s Two Suitor’s Love Themselves More than Her

When Steffy fills Brooke in on developments at Spencer Publications and Bill making peace with Liam, Brooke begins to wonder whether she was a bit hasty in ending her marriage.  Bill’s recent moves suggest that he really does regret what he did.

Steffy notes that Brooke has two wonderful men who love her.  Brooke agrees that is true, and they both lover her almost as much as they love themselves.  Perhaps Brooke’s most enlightened statement ever…

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Monday October 30, 2017

October 30 in Bold and the Beautiful History

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TODAY:  While Steffy fills Brooke in on Bill and Liam forgiving each other, the peace is short lived at Spencer Publications…and it the breakdown in relations doesn’t bode well for Steffy and Liam’s relationship either…



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