October 9: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Liam and Steffy Go To San Francisco Together Despite Steffy’s Disapproval

Monday, October 9, 2017 – Episode #7689


Sally and Liam Got To San Francisco Despite Steffy’s Disapproval

The BOld and the Beautiful Spoilers

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers show that Liam clearly manages to convince Sally to go to San Francisco with him despite them both knowing that Steffy will be fuming over it.  Shirley Spectra told her granddaughter that marriage was a temporary state, especially in the Forrester family, and that if she wants Liam she will have to make the first move.  Is that what Sally is doing when she tells Liam that she understands he’s put a lot on the line to help her out.  She follows that up with the hope that Steffy understands how lucky she is to have Liam as a husband.

Does Liam pick up on Sally’s interest?  Liam makes it clear to Sally that their trip is strictly business.

Sally Admits Being Interested in Liam, but Repects Stffy’s Marriage, If Not Steffy

Steffy and Bill Disappointed in Liam’s Choices

Steffy, however, isn’t feeling so lucky.  Her husband has told her that what he does as CEO of Spencer Publications is none of her business, even if that means her husband is going above and beyond to help out her nemesis.  Steffy has never understood Liam’s need to rescue damsels in distress, and this kind of behavior has come between them before when Steffy disapproved of Liam rescuing Ivy, by marrying her to save her from deportation.

And Steffy has found company in her misery.  Bill isn’t exactly pleased with Liam either since he blackmailed Bill out of the top job at Spencer Publications.  Bill, in fact, is furious that Liam has rejected every offer to compromise on their current situation.  Liam doesn’t think Bill can do anything to hurt him, but Steffy and Wyatt aren’t so sure.  Bill is known for getting revenge and with Bill believing that his tofu eating boy scout son has ruined his life, you can bet, all Bill is thinking is revenge…

Bill Will Hurt Liam if Brooke Leaves Him

Quinn Finds Pain Relief

Quinn and Eric learn that Matteo, the new estate manager, has another talent, as a masseur.  His hands provide paid relief for Quinn after putting her back out moving furniture.

But does Matteo have another agenda?  Sheila did offer him $100,000 to seduce Quinn

Sheila Sweetens the Deal
Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Monday October 9, 2017

October 9 in Bold and the Beautiful History 

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