Sheila Delights in Matteo’s Success, But Matteo Has Gone the Double Cross To Save His Job

Sheila Delighted When Matteo Comes Through

Eric is personally greeted by the chef at Il Giordino.  Eric is surprised Sheila is his waitress. Sheila says it’s a steady pay check and its nice to see a familiar face once in a while.

She’s worried about him since he took Quinn back.  Sheila doesn’t think she is someone he can trust.  Eric tells Sheila that he has forgiven Quinn completely and he’s not going to listing to Shelia disparage his wife. If Sheila can’t be respectful there can be no conversation between them.  Sheila says Quinn craves attention and she will do what she needs to get it.  It’s only a matter of time before she succumbs to the touch of another man, Sheila says.

The Bold and the beautiful October 24 2017

Eric tells Sheila he’s not going to listen to this, and he leaves.  Sheila thinks that Eric is about to learn the truth about Quinn very soon.  Whatever happens with Quinn, Sheila tells Eric he’s not alone.  She is his friend.

Sheila gets a text from Matteo.  Job is done.  Sheila is delighted.  Her plan worked.

Matteo Double Crosses Sheila To Keep His Job

Quinn tells Matteo to stop when his massage becomes inappropriate.  She jumps up from the take and wraps the sheet around her.  She tells Matteo to leave. She rants about Eric and her trusting him and he’s betrayed that trust.  He tells her that he made a mistake and asks if she can forgive him.  No she can’t Quinn tells him.  He crossed a line and he has to leave.  He propositioned her when he knows how much she loves her husband.

The Bold and the beautiful October 24 2017

Matteo says it wasn’t his idea.  A woman offered him money.  He shouldn’t have done it but the money was so good  Quinn demands to know who it was.  Sheila Carter Matteo admits.  Matteo tells Quinn everything, including about the portrait of herself she has in her hotel room.  Sheila wants to be Eric’s wife again, Matteo says.  Matteo says he values his job here and he’s not a bad person, but the money was too good.

Quinn tells him that if he has any chance of keeping her job he has to do something for her. Quinn sends Sheila a text from Matteo’s phone.

Steffy and Liam Still Disagree on Sally Spectra

Steffy and Liam arrive home.  He’s still blown away by his father’s response.  He thought Bill would crush him but he forgave him instead.  Because of Steffy.

Liam hopes the new attitude sticks.  Steffy says Bill seems sincere. But Liam is worried he’ll unravel everything that he has done at Spencer – including making amends with Spectra.

Steffy tells Liam his response to Sally was too much – disproportionate. Liam still thinks it was the right thing to do. Steffy says giving away the building was too much. They discuss Liam and Bill’s differences and Steffy says there is only one Liam Spencer, he’s kind and he’s all hers.  They make love.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap October 2017

Later Steffy admits she barely recognized him during the fight with his father but it didn’t change how she felt about him. Liam tells Steffy she’s extraordinary and marrying her was the most genious idea he ever had.

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