Sheila Makes Sure Eric Learns About Wyatt and Katie’s Secret Romance, Quinn Wants Happiness For Her Son

Quinn Wishes Wyatt Had Someone in His Life.

Quinn is delighted with Ivy’s latest jewelry designs. They discuss how close Quinn came to losing Eric.  Ivy notes that is behind them and Quinn seems happy and at peace.  Quinn agrees she is and it doesn’t hurt that Sheila is gone. Ivy wonders if she really is gone. Quinn says Ivy makes a good point but she can’t spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder.  Even if Sheila tries she will not get her hands into her husband.  She needs to keep her away.  Because when Sheila Carter is around trouble follows.

Ivy admits she is dating someone.  Ivy asks if Wyatt is dating anyone.  Quinn doesn’t think so. Ivy asks  if he would just be keeping it quiet.  Quinn says if Wyatt is dating someone she would know.  They share everything.  Quinn just wants Wyatt to be as happy as she and Eric are.

Sheila Sees Katie and Wyatt Sneak a Kiss

Sheila is at her new job at Il Giordino.  She is complemented for her work. Sheila notices Katie arrive. Then Wyatt arrives. Sheila watches them.   Katie and Wyatt have to wait for their table.  Wyatt banters with Katie about wanting to kiss her. They discuss going back to Katie’s place where he can do just that and more.

Sheila eavesdrops on their conversation.  Katie and Wyatt sneak a kiss. Sheila smiles.

20171002 - Wyatt and Katie

Sheila Tells Eric About Wyatt and Katie

Eric meets with Matteo who works on the Forrester mansion estate. Quinn is also impressed with him Eric says.  He can see is passionate about organic solutions. Eric likes the changes around here and officially makes him a full-time estate manager.  Matteo accepts the job.

Eric answers the door to find Sheila there.  He asks what she’s doing there. He thought she left LA.  Eric is reluctant to let her in, but does.  She tells him she’s working at Il Giordino.  Matteo arrives. He’s repaired the shower. Sheila tells Eric she saw something at work.  Quinn’s son was kissing Katie Logan Sheila tells a surprised Eric.  Eric seems skeptical. She promises it’s the truth.  She also promised herself that she would not withhold anything from him.

Eric agrees, Quinn would not be happy given the way she feels about Katie. Sheila tells Eric that they left the restaurant and went to Katie’s house.  They are there right now.  He should go see for himself Sheila suggests.

20170930 - Katie and Wyatt Kissing

Eric leaves and Matteo returns. Sheila and Matteo briefly talk, with Sheila complimenting him.

Katie and Wyatt are getting cozy at her place.  Katie puts on some music.  She doesn’t hear Eric knock at the door, or him calling her phone.  He calls out to Katie, but she doesn’t hear.  Eric lets himself in and sees Wyatt and Katie making out in her living room.  Katie is surprised when she notices him in the doorway.

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