Sheila Sets Quinn Up To Cheat On Eric, Eric Withholds the Truth From Quinn, Katie and Wyatt Discuss If They Have a Future

Katie Wonders if She and Wyatt Should End Their Affair?

Katie and Wyatt are surprised when Eric interrupts them making out.  What’s new? The Forrester Patriarch asks. Wyatt tries to cover with a lost contact story.  Eric tells him to give it up.  Eric wonders how long its been going on. Eric asks if Wyatt’s father knows.  No! They say in unison. Katie says they kind of want to keep it to themselves.  Katie says they don’t really know what “they” are yet. They don’t want anyone to know.

Katie and Wyatt Romance Exposed

Especially from his mother, Wyatt says. Can Eric live with that given Quinn is his wife Wyatt asks. Katie agrees they don’t really know what “they” are yet.

Eric leaves, and Katie and Wyatt discuss keeping their secret. They go back to making out.  Wyatt says that Eric wasn’t really reassuring about them about not telling Quinn.  Katie doesn’t like putting Eric in this position.  Some people would see keeping this from his wife as lying.  But Katie and Wyatt aren’t ready to go public.

Two people in particular will go ballistic if they find out.  Katie suggests maybe they should reconsider them. This was always just supposed to be fun. She loves “this” but it’s just an infatuation, isn’t it?  Wyatt says its more than that for him. There’s nothing they can’t tell each other.  We’re there for each other Wyatt says.  Doesn’t she know how rare that is.  And she drives him absolutely crazy.  They kiss.

Katie admits she has been fighting her feelings since Monaco.  She wants to keep the world out because she knows as soon as the world knows there is judgement.  He makes her feel beautiful and sexy and wanted.  And she likes it.

Sheila Offers Matteo a Job

Sheila has a job for Matteo where he can make a lot of money.  It would have to be nights and weekends he says.  Quinn arrives and Sheila hides. Quinn asks Matteo if he told his girlfriend about his promotion already. He admits they are no longer together.  Quinn says he’s sure that some lucky woman will snap him up in no time.

Quinn compliments Matteo also on the organic additions to the garden. They accidently bump heads and Quinn heads upstairs to work.  Sheila comes out of hiding.  She tells him if Quinn is seeing stars it’s not because they bumped heads.  Sheila gives him an address to come see her later about the job.

Matteo arrives at Sheila’s hotel to see the portrait of herself.  He wants to know what the job is.  His moms sick and his family depends on him.  Sheila says that Quinn seems to like her. Sheila’s is sure there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do to help her out.

What does he need to do Matteo wants to know?  Work closely with Mrs Forrester, Sheila tells him. What exactly is the assignment Matteo asks.  Sheila offers him $100,000, but he won’t do anything illegal.

Sheila Hires Matteo to Seduce Quinn

Sheila tells Matteo that she was once Eric’s wife.  Quinn wasn’t’ a good wife.  She cheated on Eric with his son.  Eric deserves better. Quinn has an eye for Matteo, Sheila says.  Given his obvious charm he can make a move.  Matteo says no, Mr Forrester would fire him.  This doesn’t feel right.  But the money does, doesn’t it?  There is a lot more where this came from Sheila tells him.

Eric Comes Home

Eric comes home and is greeted by Quinn. He is evasive about the business he’s been taking care of.  What’s going on Quinn wants to know.

Quinn mentions Katie keeping a lookout for her daily sighting of Eric.  Eric assures Quinn that Katie Logan has absolutely no interest in him.  Conversation turns to reorganizing the room.  Quinn starts to move a chair and puts her back out.  Eric gets her an ice pack. They look at her portrait over the fireplace.  His wife’s portrait will always hang over the mantle of the Forrester fireplace Eric says.  Quinn quips as long as she’s his last wife.  Eric says he can’t imagine anyone elses portrait hanging there.

But Sheila can…

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