Sheila’s Portrait Hangs in The Forrester Mansion!

Wyatt Worried About Quinn Dealing With Sheila

Wyatt tells Quinn that attacking Katie was completely unacceptable.  He will never do anything like that again.  Wyatt says she has to respect him and his boundaries.  Quinn says fine.  She’s been hearing about it from Eric as well.

She doesn’t want to let Eric down especially with Sheila Carter trying to undermine her marriage.  Quinn fills Wyatt in on Sheila paying Matteo to seduce Quinn and betray Eric.

The Bold and the Beautiful Quinn and Wyatt

Quinn says she’s not letting Sheila sabotage her marriage anymore.  She told her husband the truth and Sheila is about to get something she never saw coming.

Wyatt wants to know what is going on.  Quinn just says that Sheila underestimated her bond with Eric but she’s about to learn.

Wyatt worries.  Quinn might be dealing with a sociopath in Sheila.  Quinn admits that Eric is handling her once and for all.


Sheila Tells Eric About Quinn’s Affiar With Matteo

Sheila tells Eric that his wife and his estate manager are having an affair. Quinn initiated it Sheila tells him.  Eric is in disbelief. First with his son, and now Matteo.  In his house. Sheila is sorry but he needed to know the truth.  She is the one person who has been telling him the truth,  The one person he can trust.  Always Sheila tells him.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap

Eric can’t believe he trusted Quinn again. Sheila says she took his love and threw it in her face. Eric says Quinn’s portrait comes down today.  Better to be alone than with Quinn.  Sheila says she is here, she cares. Sheila says she ahs a portrait. Eric tells her they will take Quinn down and put her up – today.  Don’t be long Eric tells her.

Eric Puts Up Sheila’s Portrait

At the Forrester Mansion Sheila arrives with her portrait. He cannot wait to see it,  But first he thanks her for being so supportive and putting him first.  Eric tells Sheila that she is very special to her.  He offers her a martini.  Eric drinks to Sheila – proving what goes around comes around.

He wants to see the portrait.

Sheila unveils it. Eric wants it up right away.  Will she help him?  Sheila agrees.

The portrait goes up and Sheila tells him that she didn’t dare think she could be part of this family again  Eric says they should celebrate and open a bottle of champagne.  He doesn’t want her to forget she is getting everything she deserves.

While Eric is gone getting champagne, Quinn arrives and tells Sheila to get out.  Sheila says Quinn will be the one leaving.  Eric knows she’s been a naughty girl again.  Quinn tells her to leave.  Sheila says her little secret with Matteo is out.  She threw away a lottery ticket Sheila says.  She will not disrespect and abuse him.  She will be the new Mrs. Forrester.  Time for you to leave Sheila tells Quinn.

Quinn notices the portrait. You just happened to have a portrait of yourself lying around?  Quinn says this is her house and she isn’t going anywhere.  Quinn tells Sheila to use the door. Sheila sees Eric has returned. Sheila waits for Eric to say something, but he remains silent.

Sheila realizes Quinn a and Eric have played her.

Charlie Warns Pam About Sheila

Pam tells Charlie she can’t stop thinking about the talk she had with Sheila.  She was all gal pally Pam says and she liked her.  Charlie says there is nothing “pally” about Sheila.  Charlie is determined to stop Sheila Carter.  Pam wonders why he is so concerned about her. Charlie says the woman is everywhere.

Charlie wishes Sheila’s manipulations would just come to an end.

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