Steffy Realizes Sally’s Feelings for Liam Go Beyond Gratitude…Liam Promises to Stop Bill Demolishing Spectra

Wyatt Sides With Bill – Spectra Building to be Demolished

Bill wants the three of them working side by side, building Skye.  The legalities are that the building and land belong to Spencer Publications.  Sally and company will just have to relocate.

That would be a huge disruption.  Wyatt asks Liam to work with Dad on this.  Liam says he is.  There are many options on the table, but that building coming down is not one of them.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap October 31, 2017
Bill tells Liam Skye will be built on the Spectra building site. It’s not negotiable. Liam can’t stop him. But Liam tells his father he will.

Liam wonders if Bill meant anything he said during their so-called reconciliation. Bill told him he wanted to be a more companionate person but here he is taking advantage of someone who has no defense against him.  Liam realizes this is how it’s going to be.  Bill will always his Wyatt on his side when compassion isn’t convenient, or he desperately wants something to go his way.

Justin comes in.  The demolition team is ready.  They can flatten Spectra whenever Bill is ready.

Bill will send a team over to the Spectra building and help Sally and her team pack up in addition to the funds he has set aside for their relocations.

Liam says that building is the heart and soul of Spectra. They are a bottom feeding rip off shop, Bill says.  Liam says she was changing that until he stopped her.

If Sally is as talented as Liam says, then she can design anyway, but that site is the only place for Skye.  Bill says he has compromised and now Liam has to as well.

Liam wants to give Spectra one year where they are, take a percentage of their profits, and he builds in a year after they relocate Spectra at their expense.  Bill wants to put it to the vote.  Liam appeals to Wyatt.  Bill wants to know what Wyatt supports.  Wyatt says he supports his dad.

Liam can’t believe this is happening right now.  Its happening Bill says.  Liam has to go to Sally and tell her to start packing.  Spectra is coming own, and there is nothing Liam can do to stop it.  Liam disagrees.  He will stop Bill.

Steffy Realizes Sally Has Crush on Liam

Saul and Darlita turn up in Halloween costumes.  The sewers made her one too –  a Princess.

Steffy arrives and notes they are looking festive.  Sally tells Steffy, from one princess to another, Happy Halloween. Steffy jokes the costumes are good, the best work she’s seen from Spectra.

Steffy tells Sally that they’ve made progress since she was last here. Steffy asks when they are relaunching.  Sally admits they are further along than she expected. Steffy says they are only much further along than Sally expected because of her husband.  Sally says Liam was righting a wrong.  His father tried to burn the building to the ground, but since she’s married to Liam, surely Steffy already knows that.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap October 31 2017
Steffy realizes Sally’s feelings for Liam may go beyond gratitude. She tells Sally she has her building and there is no reason for Sally to spend more time with Liam.

Steffy is surprised that Sally knows about Bill and kept it to himself.  Sally did because Liam didn’t want his father going to jail. Conversation turns to Bill being back at Spencer, which Steffy realizes means Liam told her.  Steffy doesn’t condone what

Steffy wonders why there is a picture of her husband on Sally’s wall.  Sally says Grams put it up since he’s like a saint around here. Steffy says the only thing that can come between Liam and his father is her. Steffy says she’s not the underdog anymore she has her building.  Sally tells Steffy is he could Bill would take the building, and have it flattened in a second.  Sally says she’s married to an honest to goodness prince.

Steffy tells Sally Liam spending time with Sally beyond getting Spectra back on its feet won’t happen. Sally wonders if Steffy is insecure, but Steffy not when it comes to her marriage. If Sally has feelings beyond gratitude to her husband, she’s going to be disappointed. Sally’s already reaped the benefits, she shouldn’t try for more, Steffy advises as she leaves.


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