The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: October 16 – 20, 2017 – Quinn Walks In on Wyatt and Katie!

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful October 16-20, 2017:  Quinn finds out about Katie and Wyatt; Eric’s betrayal

    The Bold and the Beautiful SPoilers

    Quinn Walks In On Wyatt and Katie – In Bed!

    The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for this week have Quinn walking into Katie’s home and finding her son in bed with her neighbor.  Quinn does what Quinn does.  Overreact.  She hauls Katie out of her own bed and away from her son.  Wyatt jumps immediately to Katie’s defence, but Quinn rails that she understood Wyatt was lonely, she just didn’t know he was desperate.  Katie and Wyatt both take offense at that.

    With Quinn think this is good news?  It certainly would lay to rest any fears that Katie is aftger her husband.  But more likely, Quinn won’t actually find it amusing that Wyatt and his father’s ex-wife and busy getting busy.  First of all there is their age difference and the fact that Quinn hasn’t really liked Katie much since she believed her to be after Eric.

    More importantly, Quinn also learns that Eric has known about Katie and Wyatt for a while and didn’t tell his wife.  Needless to say, Quinn isn’t pleased and isn’t listening when Eric suggests he wanted to give Wyatt the chance to tell her himself.

    Instead, Eric loses patience with his wife’s tirade and leaves the conversation.  Fortunately for Quinn, Matteo is there to lend her an sympathetic ear…

    Wyatt Caught In The Middle

    Wyatt once again finds himself in familiar territory with his mother and girlfriend outraged by each other.  Quinn’s meddling cost him marriage to both Hope and Steffy, with it be the end of Katie and Wyatt also?

    Quinn is the one who finds herself in hot water.  No one is impressed by Quinn turning to force to remove Katie from her own bed.  Including Eric. But Matteo, has Quinn’s back.  Literally.

    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

    Matteo Ready to Help

    At least she has a hunky personal masseuse to help her work through any tension she feels over both issues.

    Of course, Quinn doesn’t realize that the handsome young Matteo has some very serious ulterior motives for getting Quinn naked and beneath more than just his hands.  Sheila has promised to pay him $200,000 if he seduces Quinn, breaks up her marriage and Sheila once again becomes Mrs Eric Forrester.

    Sheila, however, isn’t one to rely on just one plan.  And this week she buddies up to Pam who she thinks can help her in her quest to rid Eric of his current wife.

    Bill Has A Secret Weapon

    Brooke had hardly left his house after telling Bill that she was ending their marriage, when Bill hightailed it over to Spencer Publications an told Liam that if he thought setting fire to a rat infested building was back, he should just wait and see what he had in store for him.  Bill promised to make Liam’s life go up in flames.

    Of course, Bill doesn’t see that making good on that threat to Liam will basically prove Brooke’s argument for ending their marriage.  Because Bill just wants what Bill wants and doesn’t stop until he gets it.

    And for now, that means getting even with his turncoat son.  Spoilers hint that Bill not only has a plan, but a secret weapon which he plans to use in getting his revenge.  Bill isn’t stupid, he can ruin Liam, but that will do him no good if the recording that can put him in jail still exists.  So Bill hires a computer whiz to hack Spencer publications computer systems and get rid of the taped confession that Liam is using to keep Bill in his place.

    Without the tape, Bill doesn’t go to prison.  Then he can use whatever means necessary to oust Liam from the CEO chair.

    By week’s end, Bill is telling Liam that he had to know that as soon as Bill know th recording incriminating him existed that he’d be working on eradication it.


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