The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: October 2 – 6, 2017 – Will Eric Keep Wyatt and Katie’s Secret?

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful October 2-6, 2017:  Wyatt and Katie’s secret romance is exposed, Bill plans revenge on Liam,

    Katie and Wyatt’s Secret Romance Exposed!

    When Shella takes a job that allows her to be closer to Eric Forrester, she learns something that she can use to her advantage.  Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers indicate that while at her new job at Il Giordino, Sheila notices the romance between Wyatt and Katie, who presumably have left her bedroom for a minute or two to get some sustenance.

    Sheila uses her knowledge to ensure that Eric also learns about Katie and Wyatt’s secret rendezvous’. Seemingly no one in Beverly Hills locks their doors as Eric wanders into Katie’s living room to find her and Wyatt getting romantic in a chair. Eric asks the duo how long this relationship has been going on?

    Wyatt and Katie are shocked to be exposed.  Wyatt’s first thought?  Please don’t tell my mother.  Will Eric agree?  That would certainly play into Sheila’s plan to drive a wedge between Quinn and her husband.  How will Quinn feels when she realizes that Eric knew about her sons new romance and didn’t tell her?  Quinn and Eric are not immune to the whole secret romance things since that is how they got their start…

    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

    New Estate Manager

    Eric hires a hot young stud as the new Forrester Estate Manager.  Quinn assures the young man that some lucky lady will find him irresistible.  Could it be Quinn herself?  That’s what Sheila is planning when she offers Matteo the well paid job of seducing Quinn.

    Bill Plots Revenge Against Liam

    With Liam’s continual to refusal to back down and let Bill back into the company he founded, Bill takes matters into his own hands.  He has been “letting” Steffy think that she is brokering peace between her husband and father-in-law, but in reality, Bill has been working a plan, one which is seeing him subtly (and not so subtly) complimenting his daughter in law, Steffy, and spending more time with her.

    But enough is enough, and it seems Steffy’s efforts have failed, so Bill takes a stance.  He will not be blackmailed by his own son.  He tells Steffy that he is going to make Liam wish that he never heard his name.

    If Bill isn’t planning to steal Steffy away from his son, as revenge, the scenes between Steffy and Bill are a bit weird.  Bill is also getting a helping hand to move his plan along, from none other than the son, he wants to destroy.

    Last week, we also learned that Steffy isn’t taking birth control because she and Liam are trying to start a family.  B&B Spoilers haven’t’ directly hinted at it yet, but speculation amongst Bold and the Beautiful fans is that an affair with Bill will see Steffy pregnant and unsure who the father of her unborn child is.

    But just because Bill is going after Steffy doesn’t mean that he is done trying to get Brooke back.  And he warns Ridge to stay away from Brooke and give him and Brooke time to save their marriage.

    Steffy is supporting Bill, but so is Wyatt, who last week turned down Liam’s offer to run Spectra Publishing side by side.  Wyatt told his brother that he wasn’t stupid enough to cross the man who gave them both everything they have; money, jobs, and Malibu beach houses.  This week, Wyatt proves his loyalty to Bill, but that doesn’t have him worried about the future of the Spencer family, and he shares that concern with Katie.

    Liam Gives Sally Another Gift

    Meanwhile, Liam is clueless to Bill’s intentions.  Wyatt has warned Liam that Bill will come after him and hurt him in ways he never imagined, all in the name of revenge, but Liam is confident that Bill doesn’t have the power to do that.

    Liam isn’t helping matters in his own marriage by continually helping out Sally Spectra.  Steffy wasn’t pleased that Liam felt the need to gift Sally the Spectra building, especially after the criminal acts Sally had perpetrated against the Forrester’s and let both Sally and Liam know it.  Is Liam adding fuel to the fire by continually helping Sally out?  Unbeknownst to Liam, he is playing right into Bill’s hands for his revenge plan by destabilizing his marriage to Steffy.

    When Liam takes Sally to San Fransicso to meet with the already paid for architects, Steffy is furious that Liam feels the need to continue to help Sally.

    Meanwhile, Sally’s grandmother tells her if she wants Liam Spencer, she is going to have to make the first move…

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