The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: October 23 – 27, 2017 – The Spencers 2.0

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful October 23 – 27, 2017:  Bill is Back in the CEO chair, Liam still struggles with loyalty and his moral compass, Matteo switches allegiances.

    The Bold and the Beautiful SPoilers

    Bill Back On Top

    Despite promises of revenge that would see his son’s life go up in flames, Bill has retaken the CEO position from Liam, and makes him a surprising offer.  Bill wants Liam to be his right-hand man.  Surely, Wyatt must have something to say about that?

    Or is all not as it appears?  By the end of the week, Wyatt is promising his father his undying loyalty at Bill’s mere mention that there is trouble ahead.

    With next week’s Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hinting that Halloween may see the Spectra building demolished and Bill foreseeing trouble you have to wonder if It is Bill behind the wrecking ball.  It certainly would be the type of thing to appeal to Bill’s twisted sense of justice…

    Liam Still Struggling with Loyalty

    Though Liam is surprised and perhaps a little wary of the olive branch his father has extended, he is thankful to his wife for all she did to bring about a peaceful transition from Liam back to Bill at Spencer Publications.

    Bill took issue with Liam standing up for what his boy scout son thought was “right” rather than putting family loyalty first and foremost.  And it looks like, Liam still hasn’t gotten the message when another family member takes issue with were Liam’s loyalties lie.

    Steffy starts to understand Bill’s issue with Liam’s moral compass when once again, Liam will not stop helping Sally Spectra simply out of loyalty to his wife.

    And with Shirley Spectra giving her granddaughter unwanted advice about how to land herself Liam Spencer, Steffy is perhaps right to be concerned, even if Liam can’t see that his motivations may stem from something other than righting a wrong…he is after all, always the last to know…

    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

    Matteo Reconsiders

    With Sheila applying pressure for Matteo to get on with what he is being paid to do – seduce Quinn, Matteo has a change of heart.  Even though Sheila is offering to pay him well, Matteo realizes his livelihood would be severely compromised if dismissed as the Forrester Mansion Estate Manager.

    Quinn offers the young man a way out – by helping her out.

    That doesn’t mean Matteo won’t eventually cross a line or two with Quinn, he just won’t be doing it on Sheila’s payroll.

    Fortunately for Sheila, she has been working of building a friendship with Pam using her late sister’s memory as a tool.  Pam is just glad someone remembers Stephanie and appreciates Sheila’s sentiments even if she doesn’t trust her.  Charlie, also doesn’t trust Sheila, and warns Pam not to get too close.

    By Wednesday, Sheila and Quinn come face to face once more.  And poor Eric is caught in the middle of the two strong willed ladies.  Thanks to Matteo’s double cross, Sheila thinks Quinn has betrayed Eric again, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

    Sheila gets exactly what she wants, but it doesn’t last for long…Sheila has only succeeded in tightening the bond between Eric and Quinn.  Sheila’s antics have tested Quinn’s loyalty, and unfortunately for Sheila, Quinn passed…

    Quinn Gives Katie and Wyatt Her Blessing?

    Seems like Quinn has enough on her hands these days with Matteo and Sheila.  With Eric’s reaction to her outburst when Quinn learned about Katie and Wyatt, yanking Katie out of her own bed, Quinn realizes she could lose the man she loves if she doesn’t dial down her reaction.

    But Katie, isn’t buying it when Wyatt tells her that Quinn is giving them her blessing…


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