When Matteo Innocently Tells Quinn Her Son is Next Door, Quinn Walks in on Katie and Wyatt In the Bed

Ridge Wants His Logan Back

Brooke came to Forrester because she didn’t want to go home.  They discuss Brooke not being able to go back to Bill and their marriage. RJ arrives and learns Brooke isn’t going back to Bill.  She doesn’t know what the future holds but she knows she has to end her marriage to Bill.

RJ says he tried to like Bill, but he was kind of like an alien trying to impersonate a human.  Ridge says he’s been the source of Brookes disappointment in the past and he hates seeing her go through it.  RJ leaves his parents alone and Ridge tells Brooke he and RJ are here for her.

The Bold and the Beautiful recap

Brooke tells him she can’t lean on him in that way. Ridge decides that it’s just not yet.  He wonders what Bill did.  Brooke still won’t say, but Ridge surmises its worse than being thrown out of a helicopter because she forgave Bill that.  Brooke admits to Ridge that Bill hit Liam, but never her. Ridge wonders what set Bill off to do that, but Brooke can’t talk about it.

Ridge is just glad there is a chance his Logan could be back in his life. Ridge would like to make up all the heartache he’s caused her.

Matteo Innocently Tells Quinn Wyatt is Next Door

Quinn and Eric are in awe of Matteo’s ability to fix anything, including her back.  Eric thanks Matteo for taking such good care of his wife.

With Matteo gone conversation turns to Quinn wishing Wyatt would find someone.  Quinn thinks maybe Charlotte is an option for Wyatt. Eric discourages parental matchmaking. Eric notes Wyatt may be pursing some other interests.  Quinn thinks it’s something athletic.

Matteo looks at a switch Eric said isn’t working and he needs to replace it.  He tells Quinn to tell Mr Forrester, and her son Mr Spencer not to touch it.  Quinn says Wyatt doesn’t live here anymore.  Matteo notes that he visits all the time though,  He saw him go in through the neighbors gate a couple of hours ago.

Eric comes back and Matteo tells Eric that Quinn went next door. Eric thinks that’s unlikely since Quinn and Katie don’t really get on.  Matteo says it should be find since Quinn’s son is there.

heartache he’s caused her.

Quinn Walks in on Katie and Wyatt In the Bedroom!

Katie and Wyatt finish breakfast at her house.  She has to get back to work though. Katie doesn’t want him opening windows and doors in case Quinn sees him.  Katie arrange to work from home. Wyatt worries about more people walking in and seeing them together.  Like Brooke.  But Katie says that Brooke is busy with her own life today. She made a decision about Bill. Katie notes that it doesn’t bode well for Bill since the other men in Brooke’s life just end up being footnotes in Brooke and Ridge’s love story.

The bold and the beautiful recap

Wyatt and Katie take their make out session upstairs to Katie’s bedroom, where its not long before they are both in their underwear.

They don’t hear Quinn knock at the door.  Quinn enters calling out that the door was unlocked.  She calls out for Wyatt.  When she gets no answer she decides Matteo must be wrong.  She’s about to leave when she hears something upstairs.  Thinking something is wrong she heads up stairs.  She goes into Katie’s bedroom.  Wyatt hides under the covers, but Quinn wants to know who’s there.  Katie tells her to get out of her house this is none of her business. Wyatt comes out from under the covers and Quinn yells “No!”

the bold and the beautiful Quinn walks in on Katie and Wyatt in bed

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