After Sleeping With Bill, A Hysterical Steffy Forgives Liam, While Bill Smirks and Drinks Scotch

Steffy Hysterical, After Sleeping With Bill, Runs Home to Liam

Steffy wakes and is shocked to find she is in bed naked, with Bill. Omigod, Steffy says hyperventilating as she gets out of the bed.  Bill tells her to calm down.  She gets dressed in a panic and leaves.  What they did is wrong.  Bill wants her to talk about it, but Steffy leaves.

At home, Liam is reflecting on telling Steffy the truth about what happened between him and Sally in the rubble of the Spectra building.  He wonders where Steffy is.

In the office Carter gets a call from Liam. Carter asks if Steffy’s at the office.  He’s trying to reach her. Carter says he hasn’t seen her.  Liam asks Carter to stop by his place on his way home.

The Bold and the Beautiful recap November 16 2017

At the Malibu Beach house Steffy rushes in crying hyserically and apologizing.  She’s so sorry she tells him and says she never should have walked out.  Steffy is hysterical.  She feels sick, she’s sorry, but Liam says it was his fault.  He apologized for hurting her.  He knows she would never do it to her.

She tried to warn him and his father tried to warn him.  But he

Steffy says she doesn’t care about the kisses or anything, she never should have walked out.  A stunned Liam asks if she forgives him.  She says yes, and hugs Liam telling him through hysterical tears that she loves him.

Steffy keeps apologizing, but Liam says it was all him.  She has nothing to apologize for.  All that matters is that she’s home now.  He wasn’t to just put everything behind them.  Steffy isnt’ sure that’s possible.  She apologizes again.  And Liam says he forgives her for walking out.  She did nothing wrong.  But Steffy is horrified by what she has done.

Bill Gloats?

Bill heads back to the office and pours himself a drink.  Justin come in asking what he’s doing back here.  Didn’t he have any scotch at home Justin asks.  Bill says he wasn’t at home.  He wouldn’t believe him if he told him, Bills says when Justin asks where he was.

Justin asks Bill if he’s okay.  He’s thinking about what happened with Steffy, which in fractured flashback scenes is the first time we see what happened.  Alone, Bill smirks as he remembers making love to Steffy.

Quinn’s Worry That Sheila is Back is Short-Lived

At the Forrester Mansion Eric and Quinn are having pre-dinner martinis.  She has signed up for cooking classes.  They discuss Sheila trying to break them up and failing. Eric’s mistake was letting Sheila near him and his family again.  Quinn says he was just giving her a second chance, like he did with her.  Quinn just hopes Shelia is far away from LA.  Eric assures Quinn that nothing and no one will ever break them up.

The Bold and teh Beautiful Recap November 16 2017

Quinn is actually surprised that Sheila’s plans were kind of lame – amateurish. His plan to use Matteo to seduce Quinn was amateurish.  The discuss what to do with the portrait Sheila made of herself. Quinn says Sheila should never have been let out fo prison.  Quinn gets a message.  She has a package.  She picks it up from the front door. Quinn says she saw someone leaving the guesthouse.  Quinn goes to check it out, when Eric says no one is supposed to be there.

Quinn looks in the window.  Eric follows.  Eric goes inside, when they see the light is on.  Quinn suddenly thinks she knows who it was.  It was Sheila, Quinn decides.  Eric tells her not to get ahead of themselves.  Someone has been there, but it wasn’t necessarily Sheila.

Eric finds jewelry in the bathroom.  Quinn recognizes it as Steffy’s.  Eric finds it strange that Steffy was there and didn’t let them know.  She hopes everything is okay with her and Liam.


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