Bill Can’t Lock Away His Feelings Again; Bill Thinks He and Steffy Were Meant To Be

Sally Going To See Liam

At home Sally is getting ready. She tells Coco she is going to drop in on Liam and see how he is doing.  Sally remembers telling Liam that she loves him while they were buried beneath the rubble of the Spectra building. Sally assures Coco she will make sure she doesn’t run into Steffy.  She doesn’t want to complicate things for Liam.  Coco notes that Sally really fell hard for Liam.

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Darlita arrives.  She is pretty dim, except for certain things. Like when a girl likes a guy. Darlita basically spells out what happened during the explosion. Coco tells Darlita that Sally and Liam shared a few kisses.  Darlita thinks its romantic.  She knew she was right. Coco telsl Darlita that Steffy knows about the kisses and forgave Liam.  Darlita wonders where that leaves Steffy.

Steffy Walked Out On Liam One Woman And Came Back Another

Liam lays on the “do you know how lucky I am” too thick with Steffy.  Steffy asks him not to put him on a pedestal. Steffy says couples don’t call out each other on their mistakes and make even bigger ones.  She never should have walked out. But they renewed their vows and are starting over.  She’s so happy to be Mrs Liam Spencer.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap November 30. 2017

Liam and Steffy discuss going away, but Liam knows how important family and Christmas are to her.  Liam is working from home, but Steffy has a meeting to go to.  Liam says Steffy’s hands are shaking.  He is worried about her.  Steffy says its just a chill.  Its nothing.  He hugs her.

Sally arrives at Liam’s house after calling Spencer to find out he was working from home.  She tells him his home is incredible. Sally says he and Steffy looked happy at Thanksgiving.  Liam finds it surreal how understanding Steffy was in the face of his betrayal.

Sally was impressed by Steffy on Thanksgiving, not giving it to Sally about what happened.  Still Sally knows the confrontation is coming.  Liam tells Sally that almost overnight Steffy found it in herself to forgive him.  She left one woman and came home another.

Sally is glad what happened didn’t cause any permanent damage. Liam admits he was scared when she left he thought it was for good.  Sally says no woman would, she certainly wouldn’t.  Sally apologizes she didn’t want to make him uncomfortable.  She’s happy that he is happy and has a loving woman like the Princess who is true and faithful to him.

Bill Can’t Deny He and Steffy Were Meant to Be

Bill is working from home but cannot forget Steffy’s distress over what they did and her wanting to tell Liam the truth. Bill convinced her not to, but he clearly still concerned.

Steffy arrives.  She tells him she can’t do this anymore.  She can’t keep this secret.  Liam was so honest with her and she is lying to Liam over and over.  This is going to haunt her for the rest of her life.

Bill states it will haunt her even more if she tells the truth and she loses her husband.  They need to try harder to put this behind them.  To protect her marriage, and the family.  Bill doesn’t want to lose his son either.  Steffy is frustrated.  Why didn’t they stop themselves?

The Bold and the beautiful recap november 30 2017

Steffy says nothing Liam did excuses what happened between them.  It was a lapse of judgement and Steffy thinks her marriage deserves the same kind of integrity from her and Liam gave her.  Bill warns Steffy if she does that she will lose Liam.  Is that what she wants?

They are finally starting to heal.  If she opens this up and tells Liam they were together, that is all he will ehar.  He will feel betrayed.  He was Steffy says.  But it wasn’t intentional Bill says.  He says what happened between them wasn’t tawdry or dirty, they made love.  Steffy begs him to stop.  But Bill can’t he can’t lock those feelings away again.  He can’t pretend he doesn’t feel they weren’t’ made for each other.  They are connected.  Bill knows they were meant to be.

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