Bill Wants Steffy, Steffy Wants Liam: Steffy Begs Bill to Keep Their Secret

Bill Wants Steffy, Steffy Wants Liam

Bill has his plan on standby and a skeleton crew ready on the Stella Maris.  Bill reiterates to Justin that only he is to know where he is.  Bill remembers making love to Steffy.

Steffy turns up at Bill’s house.  He tells her that the jet and the yacht are ready because they do need time.  Steffy tells him she’s not going anywhere with him today. Bill asks Steffy how Liam took the news; about them.  Steffy says she didn’t tell him.

Bill reminds Steffy Liam betrayed her. What Liam did is nothing compared to what she and he did, Steffy tells Bill. Bill says finally being with her last night changed everything, and he can’t go back.  He is serious, they are leaving here together today.

TheBold and the Beautiful Recap November 20, 2017

Steffy says she can’t.  She’s more married now than she was yesterday.  Last night she and Liam renewed their wedding vows.  Bill calls it a bunch of hocus pocus. Bill reminds Steffy about when they first met.  It was electric, they were mesmerized.  He suppressed those feelings because of Katie’s health.  He needed her to be with Liam.  That was a line he wouldn’t cross, until last night. But Liam is no longer a good and loyal son.

Steffy defends Liam and herself. He tells her she can’t recommit to a marriage held together by duct tape and good intentions. She is the only woman who has ever accepted him for good and bad.  Steffy tells him she was just trying to keep the family together.  Bill says she was drawn to him. Her renewed marriage is a lie.

Steffy says she was going to tell Liam, but he wants a fresh start, put this all behind them.

Bill tells her he never made love to a woman the way he made love to her last night.  He knows its mutual.  Steffy tells him she wants to be married to his son; that has never changed.  She hates herself right now.

Bills says the truth is they belong together – they always have.

Steffy asks what she wants from him.  Bill wants all of her.  Steffy says she would have to give up everything. Bill highlights the differences between Steffy and Liam. Does she order steak at work for lunch because Liam wouldn’t approve?  Does she keep quiet about the latest species he’s trying to save from extinction, and about his managements style and how much he puts Sally Spectra ahead of her?

Bill says she will bury so much of herself staying with Liam that she will eventually become a ghost in her own shoes, and she will be haunted by the life she could have had with him.

She and Liam will fix this Steffy says.  He doesn’t know her as well as he thinks she does.  She went to the guest house to be alone.  Bill says Liam changed her from a kickass powerful woman into sobbing in the Forrester guest house.  Steffy tells Bill there is only one think she wants from him.


His silence, Bill realizes. Steffy has no choice.  Only two people know about last night.  Steffy wants to keep it that way. Steffy makes him promise he won’t say anything.  She’s his son’s wife.

Bill agrees.

Liam Wonders How to Apologize to Bill

At the Malibu Beach house, Liam answers the door to Wyatt who has been trying to get hold of him, but Liam’s phone has been on silent.  Wyatt’s worried, did Steffy come home last night. Wyatt reiterates how much Liam screwed up turning to Sally Spectra.  Liam knows but he doesn’t want to talk about it.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps Nove,ber 20, 2017

Liam tells Wyatt Steffy came home and Steffy forgave him. They did a vow renewal. Nothing they did before making those promises again can hurt them.  He came so close to losing Steffy.  What his dad did was wrong, but he went too far in defending Sally.  Liam agrees that he went too far blackmailing their father.

The irony is that Bill would never be as disloyal to Liam and Liam was to him. Wyatt asks what he’s going to do about Dad?  Liam asks how he is supposed to apologize for fighting for his values. Wyatt says it’s about the relationship for Bill not values– his favorite battle cry is “family first”.

Liam says Steffy gets that. He used to accuse Steffy of takings Bill’s side, but she was just trying to preserve his relationship with his father.

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