Father vs Son Demolition Stalemate – Will Bill Blow Up The Spectra Building With Liam Inside?

Steffy Begs Liam Not To Protest Bill’s Demolition of Spectra

Steffy thinks Liam’s plan is over the top and ridiculous.  He’s putting his life on the line.  A sit in at Spectra is dangerous.  Bill is demo-ing the building today.  Liam says not with him in it.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap November 2 2017
Steffy begs Liam not to put himself in harms way for Sally.

Steffy tells Liam that he also shouldn’t told Sally about Bill torching the building.  Steffy tells Liam that Sally has a crush on him.  Liam says there is nothing going on with Sally.  She is his wife.

But he has a way of stopping Bill and he’s going to do it.  Liam leaves with Steffy still asking him not to go.

Later, Wyatt arrives.  He’s looking for Katie, but notices Steffy is down. All Liam thinks about is how to rescue Sally and it worries her, Steffy admits to Wyatt.  It’s inappropriate.  Wyatt says that Liam cannot save Spectra.  Steffy tells him about Liam sitting in at Spectra with the Spectra team.  Steffy says Liam is going too far.  He’s putting himself in harms way for Sally Spectra.

Liam Gives Bill One More Chance To Do The Right Thing

At Spencer, Bill’s contractor says the explosives are set and the building is presweetened.  Its ready to be demolished on his say so.  Bill is glad nothing can stop Skye going up,  His vision is becoming a reality.

Liam arrives to talk about the Spectra building. Please don’t destroy their building and work with them, Liam pleads once again.  Give them a year.  Bill says there are too many moving parts involved. He will relocate Sally anywhere she wants to go.  Liam says its not about money, but family legacy. Bill says that location belongs to Skye.  Bill sweetens the pot out of respect for Liam.  They will get behind her and support her all the way. But Skye is going up on that location.

The BOld and teh Beautiful Recap November 2, 2017
Bill tells Liam he will not compromise where Skye is built. Spectra comes down. Today.

Liam says he tried. Demolish the building.  But know you have to take me down with it.  Bill asks what that means.  Liam says the Spectra’s are holding a sit in and he will be joining them.  Bill laughs.

Bill reminds Liam he wasn’t always king of the mountain.  He had to fight to get where he was and he was shown no mercy like he’s willing to do for Sally. Bill says he’s already had her stuff packed up.  He’s not waiting another year.

Bill recommends Liam think and remember he’s a Spencer.  Family loyalty is more important than anything Bill says.  Liam disagrees. Bill suggests Liam stop focusing on Spectra’s legacy and embrace his – Skye.

Liam says he will be in the building today with that motley crew standing for what’s right.  Bill says the explosives are already in place.  Liam tells his father he will have to blow him up as well then, and leaves.

The Sit-In Commences

Sally and her team sneak back into the building and her office. With Liam by there side, Bill could change his mind.  It’s a long shot but maybe this will work.

They are sitting in the middle of live explosives.  It reminds Shirley of the 60’s.  Sally’s team assure her they are in it for the duration.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap November 2, 2017
The Sit-in team get nervous when Bill makes the first move to demolish the building. He cuts the power

Contractors arrive and ask what they are doing here.  They are told they have to leave, the building is coming down today. Sally tells them they are not leaving. If they want to tear this building down they need to tear it down with them in it.

With the contractors gone, the team wonders where Liam is.  Then he arrives. Sally says there is no way Bill will blow up the building with Liam inside. Then the power goes out.  The team starts to wonder if Bill would blow up the building with them inside.

Father Against Son – Stalemate

On site, Bill tells Justin that roadblocks keep appearing.  Liam is staging a sit in with the underdogs in there, Bill tells Justin.  Justin gets a call that Liam is inside.  Bil tells him to show them they mean business.  Cut the power.

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