Liam and Sally Rescued From The Rubble! Steffy Flies Into Liam’s Arms, But it is Sally and Liam Who Lock Gazes

The Spectra Team Waits…

Justin wears the frustrations of the Spectra team while Steffy and Bill search for Liam and Sally in the rubble.  Shirley wants to know how they could blow up the building with them inside.  What kind of man does that to his own son; to her granddaughter.

But Shirley turns it around.  She keeps the faith, for Saul and Darlita. Sally will may it out,  you’ll see” she tells Saul and Darlita.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap November 7 2017
Shirley is certain that Sally will make it out alive

Outside, one of the crew is taking to the Spectra team and Justin when he gets the message Liam and Sally have been found, but they are trapped.

Later, they learn Sally has been pulled out, but Liam is trapped under so much debris.  He says it’s only a matter of time till the rubble collapses on itself.  They are working as fast as they can.

Wyatt Waits…

Wyatt is frustrated and on the phone. He gets a text from Justin to stay put at Spencer. He will update them.

Wyatt wants to come to the site, but Justin tells him to stay where he is handle things there.  God forbid this whole thing caves in, Bill would want him there dealing with it.  If it gets out that Liam is in there and its Bill’s fault it won’t be good for the company. Wyatt worries about losing his dad.  Katie tells him to have faith.

Justin calls back.  They’ve been found – alive.  But they are trapped. All four of them are in danger.  They learn Sally has been pulled out. Liam is still stuck. The rubble can only hold for so long, so they rescue team may have to get out.

Steffy and Bill Find Sally and Liam

Steffy and Bill continue to search the rubble calling for Liam and Sally.  A cave in would have come down on Steffy but he pulls her out of the way.

Bill pulls Steffy clear of cave in
Bill pulls Steffy clear of cave in

Steffy then spies some of Sally’s red hair. Bill lifts a brick away, but it’s a mannequin. As they continue to dig, Bill and Steffy hear Liam calling for help.

Sally and Liam Rescued!

Elsewhere, Liam and Sally lie beneath the rubble unconscious.  Sally and Liam both regain consciousness.  He warns her not to move or everything could come down on them.  They shout for help.

Sally says they may not make it out of there.  Liam says they will.  If they don’t, she meant what she said.  She loves him and he’s the best thing that ever happened to her.  Sally doesn’t regret any of it.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap November 7, 2017
Liam and Sally trapped in the rubble.

They hear Bill and Liam call out to them.  Liam calls back.  Steffy and Bill follow his voice.  They find them, Steffy is a panicked mess as she realizes how treacherous their position is.  The slab on concrete moves. Bill calls the rescue team on the walkie talkie.

Sally says she’s losing feeling in her legs.  Liam can’t move anything below his waist. Liam says if they touch that beam they all die.

Bill is trying to loosen the rubble, so Sally can move her legs.  They pull Sally free. They try again with Liam, but it doesn’t work.  It will take more than the two of them.  The recue ream arrives as the rubble moves.

Liam tells them to get out.  It’s going to go.  He yells to get Sally and Steffy out of there. But Bill won’t leave.

With a  last effort, Liam is pulled clear on the rubble, Bill carrying his son on his back and clear to safety as the concrete slab falls. Steffy hugs Liam and cries as Sally watches.  Bill sees Liam and Sally’s gazes lock.

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