Liam and Steffy’s Loyalties Cause Problems In Their Relationship

Steffy is Bill’s Only Friend

In the waiting room of the hospital the Spectra’s give Bill a hard time.  Does he think anyone wants to see him here? Bill tells then he has identified a new place of business for them on the edge of the fashion district. He’ll pay their relocation expenses and first year rent.  It’s a little more compact than they are used to but he thinks it will work for them.  Saul notes nowhere could be

Shirley tells Bill he may be able to buy off planning committees and everyone else, but he can’t buy off his shriveled conscience.  They don’t want any of his help Shirley spits at Bill.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap Novm,ber 8 2017

Diagnosis for Sally and Liam – Insanely Lucky

At the hospital Sally and Liam are diagnosed as insanely lucky. Sally doesn’t know how go go back to the lives they had.

Steffy comes in to see what the doctor said. Liam says, nothing bad.  Steffy is releivesd and glad that they are both okay.

Bill comes in and is glared at by Liam and Sally.  He just wanted to see for himself that they were alright.  Liam spits that none of this is alright.  Bill notes that he heard Shirley say “thank you God” so he presumes Sally is okay too.

Liam gives him a hard time.  Bills says as God is his witness they thought they were out of the building.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap Noemeber 8 2107

Steffy says all that matters is that they are okay.  But angry, Liam thinks that isn’t all that matters.

Bill makes the same offer of help to Sally he made to Shriley, but she turns it down also. Sally can accept he didn’t want to kill her, just her future.  Steffy tries to defend Bill, but Liam isn’t having any of it. You almost killed us, Liam says. Bill offers to pick up the conversation when Liam has cooled off  But Liam says he won’t.  Bill leaves.

Later, Shirley tells Sally she can go home.  She wonders which credit card trick she used, but Shriley says Mr. Spencer took care of it.  Sally wonders which one, Liam or Bill.

Sally flashes back to kissing Liam in the rubble.

Liam Goes Home With Steffy, But Liam’s Mind is Elsewhere

Liam and Steffy arrive home but they seem to be bickering. Steffy tells Liam that she would never be in the situation he was.  She wouldn’t have involved herself in those problems.

But Liam thinks he has to be.  His father pulled the rug out from under her by taking back the building Sally now has a loan over, and can’t pay.  Steffy says it wasn’t personal, just corporate ruthlessness that got out of hand.

Liam asks why she is mad at him. He scared him to death.  This is how people like Sally get to people like him, Steffy says.  Liam thinks they have more than enough good in their lives to share. Steffy tells him he will learn that there are users out there who will try to use him to get to a better life.  They have to fix themselves.  Steffy and Liam disagree again on Sally.  Someone who has caused her family so much trouble.

She wonders sometimes if he has a thing for Sally.  He needs to stop the hard feelings with his father  and let Sally land of her feet like she always does.  Steffy is glad he is alive and hugs Liam, but he can’t stop thinking about kissing Sally.

The BOld and the Beautiful Recap November 6 2017
Burried beneath tonnes of rubble, Sally tells Liam she loves him; and the kiss

Brooke Learns About the Demotion

Katie fills Brooke in on what happened at the Spectra site.  Katie says that Bill didn’t know Liam and Sally were in the building.  Katie wonders if Brooke should go check on him.  Brooke asks how katie found out about this.  Katie admits it was from Wyatt.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap November 8, 2017

Brooke just wonders why Bill has to want everything right now; be so impatient.  When Katie tells Brooke about everything Wyatt has told her, Brooke notes that Wyatt must really trust Katie.  Brooke thinks it’s good.

Brooke Is Disgusted By Bill

Brooke stops by to see Bill.  He apricates her coming.  Things aren’t good between him and Liam now.  Brooke says you actually blew up a building with your son in it?  Bill says he thought it was empty, but Brooke wonders why he didn’t check himself.

Bill tells Brooke he and Liam had a clean slate before the sit in and demolition.  He wonders why they can’t. Brooke tells Bill love has never been their problem. His violent behavior and cruelty is perhaps what Bill needs to work on. Bill doesn’t think that he has a problem.

What Liam did today was inexcusable Bill says.  Brooke says so many accidents seem to happen around Bill, maybe they are not so accidental at all.  Bill thinks Brooke has no idea what he has been through; thinking he was responsible for his son’s death. If he could live his life with more compassion, he wouldn’t find himself in that situation all the time.  Brooke tells Bill goodbye.

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