November 1: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Sally Can’t Keep Losing

Wendesday, November 1, 2017 – Episode #7706


Liam Has Bad News For Sally

After learning that a loophole in the way the Spencer Trush works means that Liam’s gift to Sally of the Spectra Building was illegal, Liam was unable to convince his father to honor the agreement that Liam put in place.

The Bold and the beautiful spoilers November 2017

There are changes that Liam made in the company during his short tenure as CEO, that Bill has left standing, but he won’t compromise on the Spectra Buidling.  Bill intends to demolish it and buld his Skye Tower on the site.

Liam goes to Spectra Fashions to tell Sally the news that Bill plans to build his skyscraper on the Spectra Fashions site once he has the building demolished.  Sally is devastated and she loses the spirit to fight.  She tells Liam that she can’t fight and lose to Bill Spencer again.  But Liam has a plan.

Steffy Learns About Bill’s Manipulation

Steffy isn’t excited to hear about Bill’s plan and that it has once again put him and Liam at odds with each other.  Steffy worked hard to get the two of them to reunite.  Does she work out that Bill had an ulterior motive all along?

Or is she more concerned about what this potentially means for her marriage?  She’d thought her husband’s involvement with Sally Spectra was done, but now she isn’t so sure.  Especially, since Liam has gone running over there to tells Sally the news.

Bill confirms what Steffy already knows. Bill tells Steffy that Liam is too involved with Spectra.  Her husband is far too attached to Sally Spectra – in a way he shouldn’t be.  And Steffy already knows Sally’s feelings for her husband are more than they should be…

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday November 1, 2017

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