November 10: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Liam Tells Sally Steffy Has To Know what Happened Between Them

Friday, November 10, 2017 – Episode #7713


Steffy has To Know

Liam and Sally continue their discussion.  Unable to sleep the previous night, Liam went to see Sally, who was also at home recuperating from their shared ordeal of being buried alive.

Thinking they may not make it out of the rubble of the Spectra building alive, Sally confessed to Liam that she loved him.  And she kissed Liam. The events have left Liam with yet another moral quandry,

Well established as always doing the right thing, Liam not tells Sally that he has to tell Steffy about what happened between them while they faced death in the rubble. And he has to tell her all of it.  Liam told Sally that he’d already broken the loyalty part of his marriage vows he wasn’t going to break the honesty part as well…

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers November 10 2017
Liam has to tell Steffy the truth. he broke the loyalty vow, he won’t break the honesty one. Sally thinks its a mistake.

Sally wants what Liam wants and she understands that is Steffy.  She tells Liam telling Steffy about her feelings for him and their kiss is a mistake…

Steffy Can Rely on Liam

When Liam headed out to the door to see Sally, Steffy headed out to see Bill, who she found out doesn’t have many friends at the moment.  Just her and Wyatt, since Brooke had been to see given him an earful about his latest actions.  With Steffy present Dollar Bill took off his wedding ring a lamented that he wished Brooke could be as understanding as Steffy is.

They rehash Bill and Liam’s, once again damaged relationship. Bill finds Liam’s ethical and moral streak unfamiliar to say the least and makes no secret that he thinks it makes his son weak.  Steffy told Liam pretty much the same thing – that there would always be people trying to take advantage of him because of what he has.

Unlike Bill, Steffy finds Liam’s moral core, though sometimes misguided, especially in the case of Sally Spectra who Steffy sees only as a criminal who knocked off her families designs.  But there is a positive side to his personality.  Steffy tells Bill that if there is one think that she can count on it is Liam’s sense of commitment and loyalty.

Will she feels that way when she learns what happened between Liam and Steffy while buried in the demolition site of Sally’s hopes and dreams?

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Friday November 10, 2017

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