November 14: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – A Silver Lining For Sally?

Tuesday, November 14, 2017 – Episode #7715


Liam Loves Steffy

When Liam told Sally that he was going to tell Steffy everything that happened while they were buried beneath he rubble of the Spectra Building, Sally warned Liam it was a bad idea. Turns out Sally was right. Steffy did not take the news well that when her husband thought he was about to die, his thoughts weren’t of his wife, but instead he kissed another woman.

Steffy was crushed by the news, especially since she’d been supporting him for months in his dispute with his father, even though she didn’t agree with him.  Steffy walked out on Liam telling him that he disgusted her, and she needed time to work out whether he was really the man she wanted to be with.  The man she married would never have done this to her.

Liam is now both distressed an stunned that telling the truth has landed him in such hot water.  While telling the truth may have been the right thing to do it doesn’t mean there aren’t consequences.  Liam is learning this today as The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers show him frantically trying to contact his wife and assure her that it is her that he loves, not Sally.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers November 14, 2017
Coco works through the possible outcomes of Liam telling Steffy that they kissed.

Sally Loves Liam

Meanwhile, over at Coco and Sally’s apartment, Coco and Sally have been discussing Liam telling Steffy the truth.  Yesterday, the sisters came to the conclusion that if Steffy forgave Liam that the inevitable outcome would be that Sally wouldn’t see Liam again, because Steffy would make sure Liam stayed away from her.  Sally understood that could happen, but it was a price Sally was willing to pay for Liam’s happiness.  Liam wants a life with Steffy, his wife.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Tuesday November 14, 2017, however shows Coco considering the other option.  What if Steffy couldn’t forgive Liam?  What if their relationship didn’t survive this test?  Coco tells her sister that there is a silver lining if this is the case.  Liam would be free, in time, to purse whatever relationships he wanted.  And Sally has already declared her love.  And what happened between Sally and Liam wasn’t entirely one-sided.  Liam kissed Sally also….

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday November 14, 2017

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