November 15: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Steffy Questions Herself

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 – Episode #7716


Bill Comforts Steffy

Steffy stood by Bill when pretty much everyone who found out he set fire to the Spectra building abandoned him.  Liam turned on him and took his company through blackmail, and his wife, Brooke walked out on him disturbed by the lengths he would go to have his skyscraper become a reality.

But Steffy stuck by him, determined to bring the Spencer family back together again.  Why?  Because she’s experienced firsthand when her own family had boycotted Eric’s wedding to Quinn how easy it was for a family to almost be destroyed.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers November 15 2017

Bill, who has always been a Steffy fan, going so far as to sabotage Liam’s wedding to Hope to give Liam and Steffy another shot at happiness. But long before Steffy fell hard for Liam, Bill Spencer infatuated her.  A fact that Bill remembered not so long ago, and hasn’t seemed to leave his mind.

Bill has been more than effusive in his praise for Steffy and openly telling his son, Liam that he was a fool for ignoring his wife in favor of playing hero to Sally Spectra.

Now, Steffy is in need, and like she was there for him, Bill is there to provide comfort and support when his idiot son has betrayed his wife by kissing Sally Spectra, Steffy’s worst enemy.    Bold and the Beatuiful spoilers show Bill providing a much needed shoulder to cry on for his daughter in law as he encourages her to expect more of the men in her life – particularly Liam.

When Steffy feels it may be her fault that she wasn’t enough for Liam, The Bold and the Beatiful spoilers show Bill providing Steffy a much needed shoulder to cry on as he encourages her to expect more of the men in her life – particulariy Liam.  He goes on to tell Steffy that he isn’t sure Liam ever understood how uniquely special she is

Liam Realizes He May Have Lost His Wife

Meanwhile, at the Malibu beach house Liam is also visibly distressed. His wife has walked out and not returned home.  And for the first time he’s listened to his wife, who for months has been telling Liam that what he was doing for her worst enemy, Sally Spectra is too much.  He realizes now that he put Sally Spectra and his quest to right his father’s wrongs above everything in his life; including his wife.

Steffy also told him that for his to do what he did, he must have feelings for Sally Spectra.  But Liam doesn’t seem to be processing that though.  All he can think is that he can’t lose his wife over this.

While Wyatt is with his brother providing support, he also has to remind Liam that everyone told him he was playing a dangerous game in taking Sally’s side against Bill.  And Wyatt also warned Liam that he could damage his marriage if he kept blindly supported Sally, who Steffy has little time for.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Wednesday November 15, 2017

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  1. Steffy how can you say Liam discuss you when you are doing worse then him; by being comforted by Liam father. I believe that is going beyond. You are no different than your father Ridge!!

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