November 16: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Revenge? Retaliation? Or Genuine Attraction?

Thursday, November 16, 2017 – Episode #7717


Steffy Finds a Way To Forgive Liam

Steffy was devastated when Liam admitted to her that he kissed Sally Spectra.  In his defense, they thought they were going to die and perhaps not thinking rationally. They were buried alive in the rubble of the Spectra Building after Bill, Liam’s father, detonated the building with them inside.

Steffy was right, she had been supportive of Liam even though she didn’t agree with the actions Liam took against his father when Liam learned that Bill intentionally set fire to the Spectra building. And no, Steffy did not deserve the betrayal.  But she also wasn’t very forthcoming on the forgiveness front.  Something she’d been pushing for very heavily in helping Liam and Bill heal their fractured relationship.  Steffy also approached Brooke on Bill’s behalf trying to get Brooke to forgive Bill’s heinous actions.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Novmeber 16 2017

The Bold and the beautiful spoilers suggest that with Steffy needing to feel loved and with Bill making such beautiful declarations about his feelings and opinion of her, Bill and Steffy are time-warped back to the passion that once existed between them.

The duo, according to Soap Opera Digest make love.  And immediately realize the mistake they have made.  Steffy reportedly asks Bill for a favor.  Could it be to keep his mouth shut?  Fair bet.  Steffy and Bill only stand to lose their relationships with Liam if anyone found out what happened between them.

Of course, secrets do come out, but that is unlikely to happen before Thanksgiving where spoilers also hint that Steffy goes into the holiday keeping a secret.

Given that Liam only kissed another woman, and Steffy slept with her husband’s father, she suddenly is a little more understanding about what happened between Liam and Sally…

But when Liam does find out, because in the soap opera world, all secrets come out, what will he think?  That this is Bill’s promised revenge?  That Steffy was retaliating?  Or that Bill and Steffy just succumbed to the attraction they never got to act on years ago?

Is Sheila Back?

Over martinis. Eric and Quinn discuss Sheila and her diabolical ways.  Quinn says she’s done her share of terrible things in the past, but nothing comparted to Sheila’s unholy terror.   Eric tells his wife no one is ever going to break them up.

By exposing Sheila’s plan to use Matteo to seduce Quinn into betraying Eric, Quinn and Eric thought they had seen the last of Sheila.  But when they have a frightening experience, it makes them wonder whether Sheila did leave town or if she did, whether she has returned…

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Thursday November 16, 2017

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