November 17: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – We can put this behind us…

Liam Makes Amends With a Gift

After a huge fight about Liam’s priorities and putting his family and Steffy first, Steffy ran out of their marital home claiming she needed time to think about whether Liam was the man she wants to be with.

She returned home hysterical and apologetic and just wanted for forget all about Liam and Sally’s kiss and how stupid it all was.  She wanted to be with Liam and only Liam.  A stunned Liam asked if tha meant she forgave him, to which Steffy told him yes.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers November 17 2017

Liam was delighted, since in his wife’s absence he’d been considering what he’d been doing for the past few months – all in the name of a cause – Sally Spectra.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers for today show Liam telling Steffy that that can move past this – go on with their lives like it never happened.

But can Steffy do that?  Her level of distress is disproportionate to walking away from her husband for a couple of hours, as is her constant need to apologize.  And since we also know Steffy hasn’t been using birth control because she and Liam have been trying to start a family, confirmed again when Liam mentioned a few days ago that he wanted a family with Steffy, but it that wasn’t in the cards for them, that would be alright also.

Today, sees Liam give his wife a gift to solidify their relationship after their argument about Sally Spectra.  That gift clearly involved a legal document because Liam has asked Carter to swing by his house on the way home.  This all started with Liam gifting Sally Spectra a building.  Has Liam bough Steffy a building?  Deeded her half of the Malibu beach house? Or something else.  Nope!  They renew their vows!

Regardless, it is bound to just exacerbate Steffy’s guilt.

The last time an ill-advised hookup occurred it resulted in Douglas.  While the circumstances were different, there’s also a few similarities also.  Will Steffy find out she’s pregnant and be forced to wonder who’s the daddy, after sleeping with Bill Spencer, her husbands, father?  Could Bill Spencer have another child with another baby momma?   Or could it be Liam’s and the duo have the kind of happiness they deserve?

Stella Maris

When Bill Spencer woos a woman, or does something he needs to apologize, he is extravagant.  And it looks like this time is no different.  After sleeping with Steffy and watching her run from the Forrester guest house in utter distress over what she has done, Bill went back to the office and pleased with himself, sat back and enjoyed a scotch while admiring the model of his skyscraper.

He tells Justin to get the Stella Maris, his yacht, stocked and ready.  Justin asks for how many, and Bill responds, 2. Does Bill think he’s going away with Steffy?  Or is he sending someone else away?  Or is he planning a boys Thanksgiving with Wyatt?  In which case he’s going to be disappointed because Wyatt is busy with Bill’s ex wife, keeping their sex life interesting with some role playing…

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Thursday November 16, 2017

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