November 2: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – The Spectra Building Comes Down By The End Of The Day

Thursday, November 2, 2017 – Episode #7707


Bill Will Demolish Spectra  Building By The End of The Day

Bill has made his position clear.  He may have compromised about some of the other changes put in place during his tenure as CEO, but Skye – Bill’s skyscraper – is not negotiable.  With Bill still the legal owner of the Spectra Building and the land it sits on, Bill is determined to exercise his right to do with it as he pleases – by the end of the day.

The Bold and the Beautiful SPoilers November 2 2017

Bill offered to relocate Spectra Fashions, but Liam told him that wasn’t an option given that they are in the middle of production for their re-launch.  Something that wouldn’t have been necessary if Bill hadn’t committed arson in the first place.  Liam is of the opinion that Bill owes Sally, but Bill feels his solution is adequate recompense for his misdeeds.  And that Liam’s – gifting Sally a $50 million dollar property– was over the top.

And in this instance Liam’s wife Steffy agrees with her father-in-law.  Both worry over Liam’s obsession with rescuing Sally Spectra.  Abd Bill is determined to break that tie as soon as possible.  Of course, that means demolishing the building.  Bill is determined that it will happen by the end of the day.

Liam and Sally Don’t Think Bill Will Demolish a Building With His Son In It

But Liam and the Spectra Team aren’t done.  They are going to hold a peaceful sit-in protest in the Spectra fashions building.  Sally tells her team that with Liam by there side, there is no way that Bill Spencer will demolish the building with his son in it. Bill Spencer could change his mind.

Steffy isn’t so sure however.  Bill Spencer has done some pretty ruthless things in the name of getting what he wants.  He tossed Ridge out of a helicopter when Ridge kidnapped Brooke from her wedding to Bill in the Middle East, he burned down the building the first time with little thought to who could be hurt, and he lost his temper hitting his son to the point where he fell over dazed. Steffy tries to talk sense into Liam.  Bill is demolishing the building today, she tells her husband after making it clear that she thinks inhabiting a building about to be blown up in protest is a ridiculous and dangerous thing to do…

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Thursday November 2, 2017

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