November 30: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Does Sally Find Out About Steffy and Bill?

Thursday November 30, 2017 – Episode #7225


The Huge Price of Honesty

Steffy is so glad to be Mrs Liam Spencer that she once again finds herself in a conversation with Bill Spencer about what they let happen between them.  The guilt is eating Steffy alive.  And the more appreciative Liam is of Steffy forgiving him for kissing Sally, the worse it gets.

Bill is more practical than his emotional daughter in law.  Despite admitting that he pushed Steffy into being with Liam so that she would be “untouchable” to him, Bill is respecting, or trying to respect, Steffy’s choice to recommit to her marriage.

This must be difficult for Bill to do, because Bill Spencer is used to getting what he wants.  And he made it clear that he wanted to whisk Steffy a way to Monte Carlo to work out their new life together.

As much as Bill would still like that to be the case, he needs Steffy to understand the huge price they would both pay if she tells Liam what happened out of guilt.  Her marriage would be over, Bill insists, and he will lose his son.  And Liam will be destroyed in the process.

Sally Still Crushing

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers November 2017

Sally learned at Thanksgiving that Liam and Steffy recommitted to each other by renewing their wedding vows.  She wants Liam to be happy, but part of her feels the loss of him in her life.  They spent a lot of time together while fighting for Spectra Fashions survival, and now, the man she shared a near death experience with has dropped out of her life, recommitting to his wife.

While Sally may think it is the right thing, it doesn’t change her feelings.  She admitted while buried beneath the rubble of the Spectra fashions building that she loved Liam.  Those feelings don’t just go away overnight…Sally feels the need to talk to Liam.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers a couple of week ago suggested that Sally overhears Bill and Steffy talking about what happened between them.  It didn’t play out that way then, but it feels like we have the set-up for that to happen this week Especially since this weeks also sees Steffy ask Liam some bold questions about his marriage….Maybe?

Something has to give.  Steffy’s guilt as heartbreaking as it is to watch is going to get old soon.

Bold and the Beautiful Video Spoilers
Thursday November 30, 2017

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