November 7: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – If This Gets Out…

Tuesday, November 7, 2017 – Episode #7710


Shirley Keeps the Faith

The Spectra gang holds a vigil at the Spectra demolition site for both their shattered dreams and waiting for news from the rescue crew inside the rubble.  Shirley won’t let herself or the team believe that anything bad has happened to Sally.  She’s a Spectra, that means she’s a fighter.  Sally will may it out,  you’ll see” she tells Saul and Darlita.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers November 7 2017

Justin and Wyatt Do Damage Control

Meanwhile, Justin is on the phone to Wyatt who is at the office.  Justin is in full damage control mode.  He is concerned about the press getting wind of what has happened at the demolition site.  The last thing Spectra Publications needs is any unwanted attention on what Spencer Publications has gone through to get the demolition to happen, or the unfortunate circumstances they now find themselves in.

Justin tells Wyatt that if it gets out to the public that there is a situation at the demolition site it looks very bad for the company; let alone the family, Justin states.  Liam is inside and Bill is responsible.

Blindly loyal to his father to the end, Wyatt will undoubtedly do whatever Justin bids.

Liam and Sally Rescued?

With The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers for tomorrow hinting that Liam and Steffy have a conversation regarding his loyalty to her and their marriage, we can assume that today will see Sally and Liam rescued.

But Steffy is right, Liam and Sally’s near-death experience has changed things forever.  First, Liam and Sally now share a bond that Steffy can never fully understand.  And while pinned beneath the rubble, Liam was more than effusive with his praise for Sally.  Unlike, Sally, he may not have said the words, but that kiss, even with the most innocent of intentions has changed Liam and Sally’s relationship.  It is going to be harder for Liam to deny, at least to himself, that Sally is nothing more than one of his vigilante(?) do-gooder projects.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Tuesday November 7, 2017

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