November 9: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Steffy to Liam: Cut Ties With Sally Spectra

Thursday, November 9, 2017 – Episode #7712


Cut Ties with Sally Spectra

While Steffy was clearly relieved that Liam was okay, Liam is having trouble keeping his mind off Sally Spectra. Liam has always defended his friendship with Sally as needing to see the right thing done after Bill targeting Sally and her business to build his skyscraper on the land beneath he Spectra building.

But has that changed?  Sally and Liam shared a near death experience that had Sally confessing some pretty powerful feelings.  Which Liam hasn’t verbalized the same, he seems to be struggling with his own feelings for the redhead.

the bold an the beautiful spoilers November 9 2017

And Steffy doesn’t like their friendship one bit.  Sally has been a thorn ins Steffy, and the Forrester’s side since her arrival in Los Angeles.  (Spectra stole Forrester designs unbeknownst to Sally).   Steffy suggests to her husband, that one the back of almost losing his life in the defense of Sally, that perhaps it was time to cut all ties with Sally Spectra.

But can Liam?  He’s not only grappling with a near death experience, on that only Sally can understand, but his own realization that there may be more to his feelings for Sally than he has admitted – even to himself…

Sally and Coco Face Their Loses

Bill Spencer may have underestimated the Spectra families tenacity.  As Shirley and Sally have said many times they are used to fighting for what they want.  In that way, they have the same kind of drive and passion as Bill.  They just don’t have the same means.  Yet.   Coco tells Sally that they did lose Spectra.  And for that she will never forgive Bill Spencer.  And she’s the most even tempered Spectra.  Has Bill started something?  A feud between the two families, with a budding relationship between Liam and Sally at its center?

Bill’s Only Friends

Yesterday, Bill got a taste of the kind of support he could expect over what happened.  The Spectra’s and Brooke both berated the kind of ruthlessness and greed that would see him blow up a building with his son inside.

Steffy of course, tried to distract by saying that the only important thing was that everyone was safe, but Liam certainly doesn’t feel that way. She also defended Bill to her husband by describing his actions as corporate ruthlessness that got a little out of control.  Err yeah.  He detonated a building with his son inside. More than a little out of control…But Steffy, is clearly Team Bill.

And so is Wyatt.  He declares his undying loyalty to his fathr defending that he had no idea Liam and Sally were inside when he ignited the dynamite that brought a building down on top of them.  Of course, Wyatt’s motives aren’t all family loyalty as Bill would want us to believe.  Wyatt thinks with Liam out of the way that one day Bill will hand the running of Spencer Publications to him.  But first, there is the little matter of Wyatt’s relationship that needs to be exposed.  But who knows, Bill is a little short on friends these days, so maybe he’ll be okay with Wyatt sleeping with his ex-wife…

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Thursday November 9, 2017

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