Ridge Welcomes Home His Little Brother; Half Brother, Thorne Corrects Ridge

Thorne Tells Ridge Not to Call Him Little Brother

Ridge, Eric and Brooke discuss what a good Thanksgiving it was.  Eric thanks them for brining Quinn into the family.  Ridge quips it didn’t work the other way.  Eric tells Brooke he would be glad to welcome Brooke back into the family.

The door opens, and Thorne enters. Brooke and Eric greet him warmly.  Ridge welcomes him home but not very warmly.  Ridge asks how Paris is treating him.  Thorne says its what he needed. Brooke hugs him glad to have him back home.

the bold and the beautiful recap November 27 2017

Eric and Thorne discuss his happiness with Quinn.  Brooke asks how life has been in Paris.  After Ally died he needed time to mourn and he threw himself into his work.  There is an emptiness inside that will never be filled.  But it’s time to move back to LA.  Eric an Brooke are happy, Ridge thinks its sudden.  Thorne says he has been thinking of this for a while.  He misses the family and the company.  Eric thinks says they can use him at the office.  Ridge grunts. Eric invites Thorne to move in, but he doesn’t want to crowd Eric and Quinn.  Brooke says the important thing is he’s home.

Conversation turns to Brooke’s love life.  She is divorcing Bill, but Brooke says she and Ridge aren’t back on. Ridge makes it clear that he wants Brooke to come home to him, make things right, the way it should have been from the beginning.

Later, Thorne asks if Ridge has a problem with him coming home. Ridge says he’s always welcome here, little brother.  Thorne asks him to drop the little brother bit.  He’s a grown up, they are equals.  Little brother sounds condescending.  He tells him half-brother is more appropriate, since its Maroni blood running through Ridge’s veins.  Ridge tells Thorne trying to antagonize him with his chip on his should is a really bad idea, little brother.  Brooke overhears.

Steffy Feels Guilty at Home

At home, Steffy can’t stop thinking about betraying Liam.  He asks what is on her mind. Steffy is happy that Liam and his father made up.  It was hard for them both.  Liam says it wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for her tenacity. Liam says both he and his dad are so grateful to her.  He should have listened to her in the first place.  Steffy jokes he might want to remember that.  Liam is so sorry for what happened with Sally.  He is so glad he could forgive her and Liam promises never to betray Steffy like that again.

Liam says they should go.  He wants her to come to Spencer with him. Steffy thinks he should go alone. But Liam says it’s a big day – a new beginning – something that she is responsible for.

The Bold and the Beautiful recap November 2017

Liam Is Clueless About Bill and Steffy’s Guilt at the Office

Bill can’t stop thinking about making love to Steffy and Steffy later telling him that she and Liam renewed their vows.  Then Liam apologizing and making amends for their falling out.

Wyatt enters upset that he again is the last to know.  He wants to understand how they are suddenly one big happy family. He accuses Bill and Liam for keeping him out of the loop.  At Thanksgiving Liam and Bill were all hunkey dorey with each other.  Wyatt is just trying to keep up.  They are making a fresh start Wyatt asks.  Exactly, Bill states.

The Bold and the Beautiful Reap November 2017

Wyatt wonders what happened to get from “I never want to see you again” to “Please pass the gravy”.  Bill says Liam finally came to terms with what his obsession with Sally was costing him.  Namely, his wife. Wyatt praises Steffy and Bill agrees Steffy is in a class of her own.

Wyatt says Liam is lucky Steffy took him back.  Wyatt wonders where Steffy went when she walked out on Liam, then decides it doesn’t matter, he doubts anything will come between them again,

Liam and Steffy arrive. Liam insisted she comes Steffy says.  Liam says she pounded into his head that family comes first.  He gets that know and it was hammered home at Thanksgiving.  He thanks Steffy for not letting him throw his family away.

Wyatt wonders about the plans for building Skye.  Bills says he’s committed to it, but no more than getting the Spectra’s relaunched in a good location. Wyatt asks Steffy if she’s good with this.  Steffy is if it keeps the peace. Bill says he will sit down with Sally and get it moving.

Wyatt is surprised how everyone is getting on.  Liam admits he went too far. There should have been a solution without him destroying his own family relationships.  He promises Bill his loyalty the same way Bill has always given Liam his.

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