Steffy Defends Liam’s Commitment and Loyalty to Bill Then Finds Out Liam Kissed Sally Spectra

Steffy Thinks She Can Rely on Liam’s Commitment and Loyalty

Steffy tells Bill he has a chance to put his family back together because Liam is alive.  Bill thinks that Liam doesn’t want him in his life.  But Steffy says that he will come round.  The one thing she can count on is Liam’s commitment and loyalty.

Steffy says Liam is angry, but Liam’s relationship with Bill is important to him.  Bill tells Steffy that sometimes he thinks that she understands him better than anyone else.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps November 11 2017

Liam and Sally Disagree About Telling Steffy About Their Kiss

Liam tells Sally he has to tell Steffy.  Sally thinks it’s a mistake, because Steffy will never understand what it was like.  They thought they were going to die.  But Liam says he has to tell his wife that he kissed her.

It wasn’t just a kiss, Liam says.  Sally says she said she loved him, and she doesn’t regret that or want to take that back.  But Steffy hates her, and if he tells Steffy, she will end up hating her too.

Liam says he has to take that chance.  He can’t demand integrity and not live by those rules himself.  Steffy has to know, and she has to know all of it.

The Bold and the Beatuiful Recaps November 10 2017

Liam is gone when Coco get back. Coco can tell Sally is worried about something. She admits she’s worried about Liam, because they kissed.  Sally tells Coco what happened under the rubble. She thought she was going to die.  He kissed him, he kissed her back, and she told Liam she loved him.  Oh Sal, Coco says.  You can’t tell anyone coco says.  Sally won’t but she tells Coco that Liam is telling Steffy now.

Liam Admits To Steffy He Kissed Sally

Back at home Liam tells Steffy they need to talk. Liam wants Steffy to understand what happened at Spectra but he has to say it right.  Steffy tells him to take his time.

But before he tells her anything she wants him to know she saw his father. Steffy says she can’t cut him off.  She wants to bring peace to this family. Bill needs to understand Liam’s values aren’t a liability.  It’s one of the things she loves most about him.

Liam tells Steffy there is something she needs to know.  Liam struggles to find the words.  He took on Sally cause because his dad was bullying Sally.  He had to stand up to Bill, not back down. Liam says he feels like he is nothing if he doesn’t live according to what he believes.

He and Sally were trapped together.  Liam explains they thought they were going to die.  He explains that Sally said some things that she wouldn’t have told him in any other contest; she told him she loved him, and then kissed him.  Steffy is stunned. She kissed you?

Was it like a goodbye kiss?  What kind of kiss was it? Steffy asks with tears in her eyes.  What did you do Steffy wants to know?  Liam admits they kissed again.  Steffy is heartbroken. Everybody warned her  – he has feelings for Sally, she states stunned.  He thought he was going to die and he didn’t call out for his wife?  He didn’t call for help?  Instead, he made out with Sally Spectra, Steffy accuses.

Liam tells Steffy he is sorry, and he loves her.  But Steffy doesn’t want him to touch her.  He knows there is no excuse, but Liam needs her to forgive him.  Steffy glares at Liam.

Bill Foresees Liam Alienating Steffy With His Obsession With Sally

Katie and Wyatt discuss Bill losing Brooke and Liam.  Wyatt wonders if the Tower was worth it.  Wyatt wants Bill to know that not everyone hates him.  Katie says WYATT is kind of golden now. The situation between Liam and Bill could have a significant impact on his future.  Katie wonders if their relationship could compromise his relationship with Bill and his new position as the golden son.

Wyatt isn’t going to throw away what they have, just because of how Bill may react. Katie doesn’t want to lose his position in Bill’s corner.  Maybe they need to put “them” on hold or end it.  She wants him to have what he wants.  Bill has made him an equal at the company and she knows how important that is.  Wyatt tells Katie she is too, He’s not about to give up on what they have.  They are about to kiss when Bill walks in and Katie and Bill fly apart.

Bill wonders what Wyatt is doing in his office.  And wonders what Katie is doing there.  She stopped by to see if he was okay. Bill is surprised when Katie is gentle on him. They discuss Brooke. She couldn’t forgive him. Bill thinks Liam’s obsession with Sally is to blame for his short-lived forgiveness of Bill.

Bill goes off on a rant about Liam the boy scout. His obsession with Sally has alienated Bill.   He has to wonder, how long it will be before Liam alienates his wife with his preoccupation with Sally Spectra.  Bill notes that Steffy is a proud woman.

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