Steffy Delivers Liam An Ultimatum and Walks Out Which Bill Tells Wyatt How Great Steffy Is

Sally Knows Liam Wants Steffy

Sally asks Coco if she thinks less of her now.  Coco can’t believe what Sally told her, that she and Liam kissed.  If it were any other man, they could put this behind them, but Liam’s moral code means he has to tell Steffy.  But Sally worries it will end badly for him.

Sally admits to Coco that CJ sold the building to Spencer Publications and Liam turned around and gifted the building to her.  That’s when Sally thinks she started falling for him.  Not because of the money but because of his goodness.

Coco says that Liam cares about her.  Sally says he is an amazing friend. Coco says she doesn’t have to pretend with her.  She’s in love with Liam, Coco states.

Sally tells Coco what happened after the explosion. She thought she’d died and gone to hell.  Then she saw Liam and knew she was alive and not alone. Liam just said wonderful things to her to keep her fear and panic at bay. That’s when she told him she loved him.  When he kissed her back, she forgot about dying.  They were just in that moment.  Now she just wants Liam and Steffy to get past this.

Sally realizes that coco is right.  Once Steffy finds out, she will keep Liam away from her.  But Steffy is who Liam wants to be with. And if that means never seeing Liam again that is the price she will pay for Liam’s happiness.

Wyatt and Bill Discuss How Incredible Steffy Is

Bill and Wyatt discuss Steffy bringing the family back together. Wyatt says he can’t see Bill and Liam singing kumbaya and man hugging it out happening. They have been at serious odds for month and come together for a minute. Steffy can’t fix him detonating a building with Liam and Sally inside.

Bill blames Liam.  He should have stayed away and stayed out it and put his focus on his marriage instead of Sally.  They discuss Steffy being to help the family come together again. Bill resents Liam throwing it all away because of Sally Spectra.

Realizing he’d detonated the building with Liam inside was the worst moment of his life.  He thought this might bring them together. Wyatt suggests he’s expecting too much of Liam too soon.  Bill says Steffy says the same.  She’s incredible.

Wyatt listens to Bill espouse Steffy’s virtues.  Wyatt says he doesn’t need to tell him how incredible Steffy is.  So, Bill wonders why his brother isn’t treating his wife better. His attention should be on his wife, not Sally Spectra, Bill states.

Steffy Disgusted by Liam and Tells Him She Needs Time

Liam tells Sally he’s so sorry.  Steffy doesn’t get him and Sally kissing. Liam doesn’t either, but they thought they were going to die. Liam begs for forgiveness.

Steffy wants to know if he told Sally he loved her too.  No says Liam, he loves Steffy. Steffy understands that Liam loves her, but he has to have feelings for Sally too.  Steffy can’t get the image out of her mind.

Steffy wonders if in his final minutes he even spared a thought for his wife, or whether he was too busy comforting Sally Spectra.  Liam says he wants her, a life with her, a family with her, if that is possible, and if not that’s fine too.

Steffy yells at Liam that he put her second to Sally Spectra, her worst enemy.  Liam tells Steffy she is second to no one.  But Steffy says that’s not true.  She always lost out to Hope, until she left.  But she could deal with coming second to Hope because she’s a decent human being but Sally isn’t.  And she told Liam that over and over again.

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Even now Liam can’t stop defending Sally, Steffy yells when Liam does. How long has be been unhappy with her, she wonders.  Liam says he isn’t.  He let one moment get away from him.  Steffy says he’s in denial.  He must have feelings for her to do what he did.  Maybe he should just go be with her; she’s his passion and cause.

Maybe Liam wants to be with Sally.  Liam says the life he wants is with her, not Sally, Steffy doesn’t know why, she’s not an underdog and doesn’t need rescuing.

Steffy says the man she married would be screaming her name if he thought he was dying, not kissing another woman.  He’d cheapened what they had.

Liam admits he screwed up.  He wants to fix it.  He can change. There would have to be a lot of changes.

Steffy delivers Liam an ultimatum.  He needs to put his family first.  His father, his brother, his wife. And until she is convinced he can do that, she needs time.

Liam asks what that means.

She loves him, but she doesn’t deserve this,. She has been nothing but loyal and supportive even when she thought he was dead wrong.    And this is what she gets in return?

Steffy needs time to think if he is the man she should be with.  He needs time to. Liam says he doesn’t need time.  Steffy tells Liam she never thought she would say this, but he disgusts her. Steffy walks out of their home.

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