Steffy Finds Support in Bill’s Arms as Liam Realizes His Mistake

Bill Learns Liam and Steffy Had A Fight

Wyatt is filling Bill in on the progress of the tower build, but Bill is distracted by Liam being more upset with his father than ever.  Wyatt says Steffy did it once before, she will bring Liam and Bill together again.  Bill calls Steffy and finds out she and Liam got into a fight. Steffy doesn’t want to talk and hanges up.  Wyatt asks Bill what Steffy said.  Bill tells Wyatt about Steffy and Liam having a fight.  He doesn’t know where Steffy is, but Bill leaves the office to find her

Bill Goes To Steffy

In tears Steffy replays her conversation with Liam where he admitted that he and Sally kissed while in the rubble of the demolished Spectra building.

Liam calls buts she declines the call.  Her phone rings again.  It’s Bill. She takes the call.  He asks how the choir boy is.  Steffy says he should ask him.  She and Liam got in a fight.  Bill presses for details but Steffy doesn’t want to talk and hangs up.

Bill finds Steffy at the guest house of the Forrester mansion.  He’s no leaving until he talks to her. She opens the door.  She’s clearly been crying, and Bill says he was worried about her.  Steffy tells him she just wants to be alone and doesn’t want to get into it.

The Bold and the Beautiful recap November 14 2017
Steffy was there for Bill as a friend when few were. He is there to return the favor.

Steffy helped him, Bill says he wants to return the favor.  But Steffy says there is nothing he can do. But Bill can’t if she doesn’t tell him.  She lets him in.  Bill wonders if Liam did something to hurt her.  Its Sally, Steffy says.  He spent far too much time with her.  What about his wife, Steffy asks.  Their marriage.  Steffy knows what Bill thinks; he thought Liam was into Sally.  Bill realizes from Steffy’s reaction that is it, something happened between Liam and Sally.

Steffy fills in Bill and that Sally told him she loved him and that they kissed. Bill says she deserves more.  He should be treating her life a queen.  Steffy says he cheated on her and she also knows that he wouldn’t have done it if he didn’t have feelings for her.  Bill says he put Sally before everything; him, Steffy, the family and the company.  Bill takes Steffy into his arms to comfort her and tells her that she deserves so much better.

Liam Realizes He Put Sally Spectra Above Everything

Liam leaves Steffy another message begging her to come home or call him back.  He’s so sorry.  He loves her and only her.  She has to know that. Liam replays Steffy telling him she needs time, and that he disgusts her.

There is a knock at the door, but its Wyatt.  Wyatt asks where Steffy is, but Liam has no clue.  Wyatt asks what he did, but Liam doesn’t want to talk about it.  Wyatt hopes it doesn’t have to do with Sally Spectra. Something happened between you and Sally Wyatt guesses.  What was he thinking Wyatt asks.

Wyatt gives Liam a hard time for taking a call from Steffy. Liam becomes frustrated with himself and what he’s done. If he loses Steffy, he can’t, Liam says, he can’t lose Steffy.  He put Sally ahead of his wife.  He knew Steffy wasn’t good with him spending all that time with Sally, but he lost perspective. Steffy was suffering and slipping through his fingers and he didn’t see it.  How can he let that happened Liam asks.  Did he screw this up?  Liam hopes Steffy will come home.

Wyatt says Steffy loves him and will come home.  Nothing will keep them apart.

Sally Hears Liam’s Heartbreak in His Voice

Coco asks Sally what if Liam and Steffy can’t get through this.  Sally doesn’t want their marriage ruined because of her. Coco says she may not want that to happen, but if Steffy can’t forgive Liam, it could open the door for her and Liam.

Sally says she will fee horrible if he and Liam and Steffy break up.  But just imagine… Coco says, and Sally imagines being Liam’s wife and coming home to him. She is a top designer and he is running Spencer Publications.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap November 14 2017

Sally admits it’s fun to dream about, but she can’t be happy when Liam is going through such a difficult time.  Coco suggests Sally call Liam, but Sally doesn’t want to interfere and make this worse.  So, Coco calls for her, and hands the phone to Sally when Liam answers.

Liam tells Sally that Steffy left, but he won’t get into it more right now.  Sally hangs up. She asks Coco what she was thinking. Sally tells Coco she could hear in Liam’s voice that he was heartbroken.

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