Steffy Searches The Rubble of Spectra Fashions For Liam; With His Life in the Balance Liam Kisses Sally Spectra!

Wyatt and Katie are Stunned

At Spencer Katie and Wyatt discuss the Spencer men getting along.  Wyatt worries about Bill finding out about them changing that. Wyatt fills in Katie about what he’s pulled now.  Katie thinks locking yourself into a building wired for explosives sounds dangerous.  Wyatt gets a text from Justin.  Liam is still in the building.  Katie laughs they must really love that building to still be in there.  A somber Wyatt says, no, it’s too late to save the building, they brought it down with Liam and Sally in it.

Katie is in shock.  Bill would never.  Wyatt says that Bill didn’t know they were in the building. Oh My God, Katie says as Wyatt hugs her.

The Bold and the Beautifu Recap November 6 2017

Bill and Steffy Go Into the Rubble OF the Fallen Building

Bill gets Justin’s message that Liam and Sally are still in the building too late. Steffy watches as Bill’s joy turs to panic.  “No!” he yells. Steffy wants to know what’s wrong.  She realizes what has happened as Bill yells at Justin.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap November 6 2017

Justin explains Liam ran back in.  Steffy yells.  Do they realize what they have done?  The spectra team arrives and Shirley bangs on Bill’s chest.  “You killed them”.  Bill says he’s going in to look for his son, Steffy says she’s coming with him, and they head off.

Bill and Steffy head into the rubble. Without any protective gear.

The foreman heads in after Bill and Steffy.  He gives them hardhats and flashlights.  He encourages them to wait for the rescue crew, but Bill is going to keep going.

Steffy thinks they should split up and cover more ground, but Bill doesn’t want to lose her.  The call out for Liam and Sally.

The recue teams arrives.  They want Bill and Steffy out.  But he won’t leave until they find his son.  They give him a walkie talkie.  They continue to search but with no answer to their calls Steffy starts to fear the worst.

They continue looking.

The Spectra Team Waits

Saul wants to go in also.  Now the contractor tells them no. They will wait for the rescue team and he is going to stop Bill and Steffy.

Justin tries to take the blame, but Shirley thinks they are both to blame.  They better pray her granddaughter survives.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap November 6 2017

The Spectra team wait. Darlita cries she needs Sally to be ok.  She gave her a chance when no one else did.  Shirley says, Sally is a Spectra and they never give up.  She will be okay, because they need her to be.

“I Love You, Liam” Sally Tells Liam and Kisses Him

Under the rubble, Liam lays still and unmoving.  Liam coughs and regains consciousness.  He calls for Sally. She is buried beneath rubble beside him.  She doesn’t move as he calls her name.

Liam is relieved when she comes round.  They are both pinned. Liam says they are lucky the slab above them hasn’t fallen, but itf it goes….It creaks and Sally and Liam call for help. Scared they stare at each other.

Liam says they are in shock. He tells her she’s got this.  She’s never given up in her life and she needs to do that now too.  Fight to the end she says. Liam says he’s glad that he stood up to his dad.  He may not see how gifted she is, and how much she has to offer the world, but Liam does.

The rubble moves, Liam calls for help.  Sally thanks him for being there with her. He gets to spend the afternoon under tons of concrete with a hot redhead. Liam says whatever happens she has won.  His dad can’t go on with his project if….he will never come out of this looking like a hero.

Sally says that he’s a hero to her and all the Spectra’s. Sally thought she knew what it meant to be a good person, and know what love is, but he has taught her it goes deeper.

He was willing to die for what is right, for her.  If she somehow gets out of there, he is the person she wants to be.  She can’t express what he has come to mean to her. Maybe they can, she says.  “I love you Liam, in an innocent and pure way, for everything you have done”.  She will never meet anyone like him again.  She leans forward and kisses him. They kiss again, but there is more behind this kiss as Liam kisses Sally also.

The concrete slab sitting precariously above them shifts.  Sally and Liam look at each other.

The BOld and the Beautiful Recap November 6 2017
Burried beneath tonnes of rubble, Sally tells Liam she loves him; and the kiss

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