Thanksgiving Planning and Liam Begs for His Father’s Forgiveness Promising Him Unwavering Family Loyalty

Liam Wants to Make Amends with Bill

At home, Liam asks if Steffy has cancelled her plans for the day.  She wants to be at home she says.  Liam is glad. He can’t believe how in one thoughtless reckless moment he put everything he had in jeopardy.  Liam thanks her for forgiving her.  He’s so sorry for breaking his vows to her.

Liam tells Steffy that he should have listened to her about everything. Steffy just wants to move on and not discuss this anymore.  Liam agrees but he wants Steffy to know that he gets it now.  The importance of family loyalty.  Liam says Bill would never betray him the he did Bill.   Family should have been his priority.

The BOld and the Beautiful November 21 Recap

Steffy says there was so much conflict, anyone could lose their way. They’ve renewed their vows, and they’ve forgiven.  Liam wants that with his father too, which means taking responsibility for his part in this.  Steffy just wants to move forward.  He needs to rebuild his father’s faith in him, and ask for his forgiveness.  Liam wants Steffy to come with him to do that.  Steffy doesn’t’ want to.

Liam Promises Bill The Same Kind of Loyalty Bill Shows Him

In his office, Bill recalls his conversation with Steffy where he promised not to tell Liam about sleeping with Steffy.  Justin arrives. He is supposed to be on the Stella Maris.  Bill tells him to cancel the trip.  What he thought was happening, didn’t.  He did something unforgiveable.  Justin jokes that is an every day occurrence around here.

Justin wonders if it’s about Liam.  The way he betrayed him.  Bill thinks about sleeping with Liam’s wife and wonders where he learned it from.  Bill reflects on the thinks he’s done recently, terrible things; he hit his son, he nearly killed Liam bringing that building down on him, and bill thinks about making love to Steffy but doesn’t say anything.   A father wouldn’t do that to his own son, Bill says.  He doesn’t deserve Liam’s respect, or love.

Justin thinks Bill needs a night out.  He’s letting what everyone is saying about him get to him.  Justin tells him to focus on Skye.

Justin leaves, Liam and Steffy arrive.  Steffy says Liam wants her here.  Liam says he knows he was cutting ties with him an Spencer Publications, but he was wrong.  He’s been wrong a lot lately.  He’d like to come back, if Bill will have him.  He blackmailed him.  He focused all his time on righting Bill’s wrongs rather than examining his own.

He won’t agree with all him tactics, but he’s learned he’s not always right.  He’s wrong, he betrayed him and he’s sorry.  Liam asks his father if he can forgive him.

Steffy says no one is blameless in this.  Liam says there is nothing more foundational that loyalty.  He’s ready to make it a priority in his marriage and in his relationship with his father.  Bill wonders why now. Liam says he can see that Bill has nothing but loyal and faithful, despite everything Liam did.  Its time he returned the sentiment.  Liam is sorry for how he treated Bill after the demolition of the Spectra building.  Liam tells Bill he loves him.  Bill says he loves Liam also and they hug.

Bill looks at Steffy over Liam’s shoulder.  The guilt is tearing at them.

Thanksgiving Planning

Rick and Maya are to the Forrester Mansion ready to get ready for Thanksgiving. They joke about Quinn being told to get out of her own kitchen.  Pam and Charlie arrive, and aren’t keen on having help. Zende won’t be back from Paris, but Nicole will. They note that everyone, friends and family are all welcome.  Except Sheila says Quinn.

They joke about Thanksgiving being stress free.  But Rick has seen the guest list.  Pam agrees, it will take a miracle to bring everyone together this year.

The Bold and the Beatuiful recap November 21 2017

Pam asks about the seating chart.  Quinn says it’s with Steffy. Pam says next to the food it’s the most important thing.  Eric worries that here is something going on in Steffy’s life, since she hasn’t gotten back to them. Eric and Quinn discuss the past year.  She is glad to be part of this family and it’s an honor to be Mrs. Eric Forrester.  She is grateful for everything he has brought into her life.  They kiss.

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