The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: November 13 – 17, 2017 – Bill and Steffy Make Love? Really?

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful: November 13 –  17, 2017:  Steffy is devastated by Liam’s confession that he kissed Sally Spectra; Steffy Finds Comfort in Bills Arms; Sally Can’t Stop Thinking about Liam; Is Sheila back?

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    Steffy Crushed by Liam Admitting to Kissing Sally Spectra

    Steffy is crushed when Liam tells her about what happened when he and Sally were trapped beneath the rubble of the demolished Spectra building and facing impending death.  Steffy realizes that the warnings about Liam being too involved with Sally were right.  Somewhere along the line Liam must have developed feelings for the redhead because as he faced certain death, he didn’t call for his wife, or for help, instead he made out with Sally Spectra.

    Liam begs for his wife’s forgiveness.  But Steffy finds that the family peace and forgiveness she has been touting to Liam, Brooke and Bill over the past months is a little harder to come by when you are the person wronged.

    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers Novmeb er 13 - 17, 2017

    They argue bitterly, Steffy telling Liam that he kissed Sally Spectra and he disgusts her.  Liam yells that they thought they were going to die!  Steffy asks Liam if that makes it okay to be unfaithful?

    Steffy can now see that if everything was alright in her marriage to Liam, that even in the face of a life a death situation, that Liam would not have turned to another woman, let alone her nemesis.

    Devastated, Steffy flees the Malibu beach house she shares with her husband and takes refuge in the Forester Mansions guest house, where she ignores all calls from Liam.  Steffy does finally take a call from Bill, who she has been playing confidante to for months over his family, marital and business woes.

    Steffy has seen a more vulnerable side of Bill Spencer through this time, and the two have bonded, even if she didn’t totally buy into Bill’s assertion that there was more to Liam’s crusade to help Sally than just doing the right thing.  Now, Steffy will be feeling a little silly, for not heeding the warnings that came from both Bill and Wyatt. She fills Bill in on what happened with Liam.

    When Steffy questions whether there was something she couldn’t give Liam, that Sally can, Bill sets Steffy straight telling her that she should instead expect more of the men in her life – particularly Liam, who Bill never truly has understood how uniquely special Steffy is.

    Through her tears Steffy tells Bill that she feels so alone right now.  Bill takes her into his arms and tells her she isn’t.

    Steffy has been there for Bill.  Aside from Wyatt, she has pretty much been his only ally recently.  The only one not on his payroll, anyway. During that time Bill has come to hold Steffy in high regard, going so far to wish that his wife, had been as supportive as Steffy has.  And with Liam and Bill on the outs again, Bill isn’t feeling much loyalty to his son. Siding with Steffy is pretty natural in this sitaution.

    So is it feasible that The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers are right?  Does Steffy turn to Bill for comfort and duo end up making love?  Or could the spoiler be a red herring – the source of a Bill Spencer fantasy.

    Regardless of whether Bill and Steffy actually make love, something must happen that has Steffy more understanding of Liam’s predicament by week’s end.

    Steffy and Liam – November 2017

    Liam Realizes What He’s Done

    With Steffy walking out on him, its like for the first time, Liam is hearing all the warnings that he was given over the past months that he could be compromising his marriage by supporting a woman his wife despises.  But Liam didn’t hear the warnings then, not about his marriage, and not about siding with Sally against Bill.

    But now Liam knows who wrong he has been and is terrified him might lose his wife over the foolishness of his cause.  So he gives her a gift that leaves Steffy feeling even more guilty…

    Sally Can’t Get Her Mind Off Liam

    This week’s Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers also hint that Sally, after her near death confession to Liam that she loves him, can’t get her mind off the Do-Gooder Spencer. Sally has her own fantasies about what it would be like to be Princess Steffy, the woman who comes home to Liam every night at the Malibu beach house.

    Could she get the chance one day?  Steffy made the very salient point that if there wasn’t something between Liam and Sally, he wouldn’t have kissed Sally.  If this is true, Liam hasn’t quite admitted it to himself yet…

    And Coco comes to the same conclusion.  If Steffy can’t forgive Liam; if they can’t get past this, well, Sally has already told him that she loves him, and he must feel something for Sally also otherwise that kiss wouldn’t have happened….near death experience or not.



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    Monday, November 13, 2017 – Steffy walks out on Liam
    Tuesday, November 14, 2017 – Liam understands his mistake
    Wednesday November 15, 2017 – Bill doesn’t think Liam is the right man for Steffy
    Thursday, November 16, 2017 – Steffy forgives Liam
    Friday, November 17, 2017 – Steffy and Liam renew their vows

    The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

    Thorne is headed back to Los Angeles.  Ingo Rademacher first airs as Thorne Forrester on Monday, November 27, 2017…

    This week sees Carter Walton appear as well as more Justin.

    The text in this post contains spoilers, speculation and rumors.  Speculations are italicized and rumors are noted as such…spoilers are also put into context of what has already happened where it may add to the meaning of the spoiler.

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