The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: November 20 – 24, 2017 – Steffy Begs Sally For Help

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful November 20 –  24, 2017:  The Forrester’s, Logan’s, Spencer’s and Spectra’s set aside differences to give thanks.

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    The Bold and the Beautiful SPoilers

    Bill Wants Steffy to Leave with Him, Today

    Thanks to Steffy’s distress over sleeping with Bill, she ran out of the Forrester Mansion guest house with actually having a conversation with Bill about what happened.  When Steffy got home she learned that Liam wanted to put everything that happened behind them and move on with their lives.

    Steffy tried to tell him she there was something he needed to know first, but Liam just interrupted her and told Steffy to tell him in her vows.  So, Carter officiated over a vow renewal for Liam and Steffy and Steffy admitted that she made a terrible mistake tonight, but that together they could overcome anything.  No mistake could change how much they are to each other.

    Of course, Liam thinks she is forgiving him for his indiscretion with Sally, but Steffy did make a big mistake tonight and she needs to have a conversation with Bill about it.

    Bill, of course, is planning to whisk Steffy away on a romantic getaway on his yacht, Stella Maris, and when Steffy turns up at his home he tries to tell her that they are leaving, together, today.  But Bill is in for a disappointment because Steffy tells him instead that she has recommitted herself to Liam and that if he cares about her and his relationship with his son, that he will keep quiet about what happened between them.

    Making Amends

    Having been forgiven by Steffy, Liam is looking to make things right with his father, a task that is made all the more difficult by Liam (and Wyatt’s) belief that Bill would never betray his son the way Liam betrayed him…

    Giving Thanks

    When Liam tells his brother how much he regrets putting Sally Spectra in front of his family, and that means Steffy and Bill, Wyatt recommends he tells their father that.  Whether is the spirit of the season talking or not Liam goes to Bill and tells him how much he loves him.  Even Dollar Bill can’t help but feel the guilt over the sequence of events that have played out.  Bill has been more than tough on Liam for betraying him, and now you could argue that Bill has committed the ultimate betrayal by bedding his son’s wife.

    The whole situation becomes even more awkward when Steffy and Bill are seated next to each other at Thanksgiving dinner.  This is Quinn’s first thanksgiving hosting as the Forrester Matriarch and has done her best with the complicated seating arrangements.  Pam thinks it will be a miracle if everyone can get along this Thanksgiving, not making the task any easier.

    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers hint that thanksgiving dinner will come served with a drama side dish.  Steffy will find keeping her and Bill’s tryst a secret is easier said than done.  First she will get a scare when Quinn and Eric tell her they know her secret.  Since the guest house on the Forrester property was the site of Bill and Steffy’s indiscretion it sets her mind into panic mode.  But Quinn and Eric don’t realize that Steffy wasn’t alone.

    Steffy Begs Sally For a Favor

    It prompts Steffy to have a conversation with Bill about the importance of keeping their secret.  But as anyone with a secret should know, if you want that secret kept, don’t talk about it.  Steffy soon finds herself in another uncomfortable situation when she has to plead with her nemesis for help.

    Sally overhears Bill and Steffy talking and soon realizes that they cheated.  Steffy begs Sally to keep her secret.  Learning the truth would destroy Liam.  Sally has already stated to Coco that she would give up her own happiness for Liam’s, but she was also seduced by Liam’s sense of goodness and doing the right thing.  What will Sally do?


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    Thorne is headed back to Los Angeles.  Ingo Rademacher first airs as Thorne Forrester on Monday, November 27, 2017…

    This week sees Maya’s parents appear invited to Thanksgiving dinner at the Forresters

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