The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: November 6 – 10, 2017 – Sally and Liam Kiss!

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful November 6 –  3, 2017:  Caught under the rubble of the demolition of the Spectra building, Sally confesses her true feelings.  Liam and Sally share a kiss as Bill and Steffy enter the demolition site in search of Liam and Sally.

    The Bold and the Beautiful SPoilers

    Bill Detonates the Spectra Building with Liam and Sally Inside

    Bill’s joy as he watches the Spectra Building come tumbling down after the explosives go off turns to absolute terror when he reads Justin’s text message to STOP, SALLY AND LIAM ARE IN THE BUILDING!

    Steffy watches Bill’s reaction and soon enough realizes what has happened.  Bill yells that his son is in there as he heads in to look for Liam.  Steffy tells him she’s coming too.  And a team of professional demotion experts who have just blown up a building with two civilians inside allows them to do just that.

    Steffy and Bill don hardhats, and risking their lives, head into the unstable rubble that could move at any time.

    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers November 6 - 10 2017

    Sally Threatens Bill

    Shirley sinks to the ground with Saul as support as she watches her Sister’s building come down on her granddaughter.  She goes right over to Bill and tells him he’d better pray that Sally survives.

    Sally and Liam – First Kiss!

    Inside the building Sally and Liam are trapped beneath the rubble.  Liam calls for help. With rubble shifting around them, their dire circumstances prompt Sally to make a confession.  “If we don’t get out of here”, she tells Liam “I love you.”

    Whether its adrenaline or the realization that he must have gone to such lengths for Sally for more reason that “doing what’s right”, Liam and Sally kiss!

    Sally and Liam Rescued

    Whether its Steffy and Bill or the professionals responsible, Liam and Sally are rescued.  Maybe Steffy saw something between Liam and Sally in the rubble because angry and heartbroken Steffy has questions for her husband about their marriage and his commitment to it.

    It can’t be too bad though because by the end of the week, The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers say Steffy is back on her crusade to make peace between Liam and Bill.

    But Bill and Liam’s minds may be elsewhere.  Brooke has a few choice words about him bringing down a building on top of his son, so that his Skyscraper “Skye” can be born.  She then has a message for him about their future.  You’d have to admit this would just serve to reinforce her earlier decision, to divorce Bill.

    Liam, too is thinking about things other than making nice with Bill.  He and Sally shared a life altering experience neither will forget and will bond them forever.  There were things said and done in the face of death, that now need to be analyzed…

    Wyatt Stands by Bill

    At Spencer Publications, Wyatt briefs Katie on Liam’s plan to hold a sit in at the Spectra Building to prevent Bill demotion of the property.  Katie jokes that Liam seems to have a bit of a hero complex.

    Their mirth is short-lived however when Wyatt learns that Bill detonated the building with Liam and Sally inside. Wyatt again admits to Katie that given how far Bill has gone in this dispute with Liam, he worries about Bill finding out about them.

    Is it fear that has Wyatt committing his loyalty to Bill?  By week’s end The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers hint that Katie makes Wyatt a selfless offer.


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