The Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy and Liam – November 2017

Bill and Liam At Odds – Again!

When Steffy stops by Spencer Publications and Bill fills her in on taking back the Spectra building thanks to a loophole in the Spencer Trust that purchased the building, Steffy realizes that Bill and Liam are at odds again.

Bill says he tried to appease Liam’s need to save Sally Spectra by offering to relocate them, but Liam wouldn’t have it and is back on his crusade to save Sally from big bad Bill. Bill and Steffy agree that Liam has gotten too involved with Sally and its time to cut their ties.

Liam Delivers Bad News To Sally

Over at Spectra, Liam has to tell Sally the bad news that Bill still owns the building and is preparing to demolish it.  Shirley says they’ll have to go through her first, which gives Liam and idea.  A sit in – a peaceful protest.  Sally thinks it is a great idea.  With Liam involved in the sit in, Bill certainly won’t destroy the building.

When Steffy learns about the sit-in she tells Liam it’s a terrible idea to spend time in a building wired to explode and she won’t let him do this.

the bold and the beautiful recap November 1 2017
Liam delivers the bad news to Sally that Bill still owns the building and is set to demolish it this week.

Bill Detonates Spectra Building With Liam and Sally Inside

Unfortunately, for Steffy, Liam and the Spectra Team go ahead anyway.  Steffy has a terrible feeling about it and comes down to the site where Bill is ready to demolish the building as soon as the protestors are out.  To help them, he sets off a warning blast, which has the desired effect.

But, barely out of the building Sally and Liam change their minds and go back in.  At the same time, Bill thinking everyone is out detonates the building.  After the building falls, Bill sees the text message Justin sent him saying Liam and Sally are still in the building.

Liam and Sally Kiss

Liam and Sally are knocked unconscious by the blast.  They regain consciousness, but are pinned by debris and unable to move.  There is a huge slab of concrete suspended precariously above them. They realize this could be the end for them.  To comfort Sally, Liam tells her how wonderful he thinks she is.  Sally responds by telling Liam she loves him, and she kisses him.

The BOld and the Beautiful Recap November 6 2017
Burried beneath tonnes of rubble, Sally tells Liam she loves him; and the kiss

Bill and Steffy Search for Liam and Sally in the Rubble

Meanwhile, Bill and Steffy mount a search of the rubble for the missing duo. Bill and Steffy find them.  Sally is pulled clear first.  Then with a superhuman effort, Bill helps to get Liam away from the concrete slab just before it crashes to where Sally and Liam had been only moments before.

Steffy flies into her husband’s arms, but Liam is looking over her shoulder at Sally, who also can’t take her eyes off him.

Cleared at the hospital of any injuries, Sally and Liam are allowed to go home.  Steffy and Liam go home together, but Liam can’t stop thinking about kissing Sally.  He spends a sleepless night and the following day goes to see Sally, while Steffy heads to see Bill.

Liam Tells Steffy What Happened Between Him and Sally

Liam tells Sally that he has to tells Steffy what happened between them.  How can he insist on integrity is he doesn’t display it himself?  Sally understands but thinks it’s a mistake.  She is right.

Steffy doesn’t react well to the news that when he thought his life was over, his thoughts weren’t of his wife, but instead Liam kissed Steffy’s worst enemy.  Steffy tells Liam she won’t be second best to Sally, like she was to Hope.  At least with Hope it was bearable because she was a decent human being.  But Sally isn’t.  Steffy tells Liam that he must have some kind of feelings for Sally for this to have happened.

But Liam insists he loves Steffy, wants a life with Steffy and someday to have a family with her if that is at all possible.  Liam begs for Steffy’s forgiveness, but Steffy finds it’s a little harder to forgive (like she asked of Liam and Brooke on Bill’s behalf) when you are the one betrayed.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap november 13, 2107

Devastated Steffy Walks out on Liam

Steffy tells Liam she needs time to work out whether he is the man she should be with. And he needs to work out whether he can put his family, his father, brother and his wife, above Sally Spectra. Devastated and in tears she walks out of their home.

She heads to the Forrester Mansion guest house.  While Liam is telling his brother Wyatt he has no idea where Steffy is (as she won’t answer his calls), Bill manages to locate Steffy.

Bill Comforts Steffy

The Bold and the Beautiful recap November 14 2017

Steffy was there for Bill as a friend when few were. He is there to return the favor.

Liam Realizes His Mistake

For the first time Liam realizes the foolishness of his actions.  he’s put Sally Spectra and his cause ahead of everyone and everything – including his wife – who he may not lose over it.  Wyatt can say little to his brother than I told you so, as Liam was warned several times about the consequences his actions could have for his marriage.  Wyatt also reminds Liam that their father has provided everything that the two of them have and that Liam should be a little more appreciative, dare he say loyal.  Wyatt tells Liam that their father has been nothing by loyal to them.

Sally Fantasizes

Thanks to Coco dialing Liam from Sally’s phone, Sally learns Steffy walked out on Liam.  But Liam clearly doesn’t want to talk about it.  Afterwards,  Coco, helps Sally realize that if Steffy can’t forgive Liam, that there could be a shot for her and Liam.  Though Sally doesn’t want to be responsible for the end of Steffy and Liam’s marriage, she can’t help fantasizing what it would be like to be married to Liam and coming home to him every night…

Bill Comforts Steffy

He convinces Steffy to let him support her in the same way she did for him.  When Bill works out that Steffy’s emotional state is because something happened between Sally and Liam (Bill has maintained for a while that Liam has a thing for the redhead), Steffy fills Bill in on the details.

When Steffy starts to question herself and what she didn’t give Liam to have him turn to Sally, Bill reassures her that she is perfect and that the issue lays elsewhere.  Maybe Liam isn’t the man for her, Bill suggests. He doesn’t think Liam truly appreciates how uniquely special Steffy is.  But Bill does, always has, and always will.  Bill tells Steffy he loves her and is grateful to have her in his life…

To be continued…



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