The Forrester’s, Spencer’s, Logan’s and Avant’s Put Differences Aside and Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving

Brooke, RJ and Ridge arrive for Thanksgiving.  Wyatt, Liam Steffy and Katie follow.  Quinn welcomes Katie but warns that not every day is Thanksgiving.  Ridge looks forward to this day every year.

Steffy thanks Quinn for organizing Thanksgiving.  Quinn says she knows she had a lot on her plate.  She knows about secret and the guesthouse.  Eric hopes that everything is okay with Liam.  Steffy says it is now. She and Liam just had a little argument.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap November 22 2017

Bill arrives. The Spencer’s toast to the future and what it has to offer.

Nicole and the Avant’s arrive. Followed by the Spectra’s. Eric tells them no one should have to go through what their family did this year.  Bill comes over to apologize again and getting them a great new location. He vows to be a better person, and father.

Brooke and Liam catch up about Bill and Liam working through their issues.  They are family after all, Liam says.

Liam catches up with Sally.  Liam tells her that Steffy forgave him and they have decided to move forwards by renewing their marriage vows.  Sally is happy for him.  Steffy is a wonderful woman He deserves the best.  Liam tells Sally she does too.

Alone, Bill sees where he is sitting and offers to leave if its too awkward for Steffy. They are going to put what happened in the past and Liam will never know what happened that night.  Liam enters and tells them it’s time to take their seats.  Everyone sits down and Steffy tells the new people at the table about their family tradition of turning to the person next to them and saying something nice.

Liam turns to Sally:  They have been through a lot.  She’s tenacious and a fighter and he admired her dedication to her family

Grams she raised her and Coco and taught her how to make the best banana pudding and to never give up.

Shirley tells Darlita she drives her bonkers but her eternal optimism keeps the Spectra spirit alive.

Darlita says RJ is pretty cool

RJ tells Coco she makes him happy.  She has taught him to live in the moment.  She gets him.

Coco loves working with Katie and impressed by her knowledge and drive.  She is surrounded by fierce and strong female role models.

Katie appreciates being able to collaborate with Wyatt at work.  He’s taught her that taking risks is a good thing.

Wyatt is proud of Quinn, the love, peace and happiness she and Eric have found. She’s protective of their love and her son, maybe a little less would be good.

Quinn tells Eric that they have bene tested so much since they got together, but they get thought it sand get stronger and more committed and more in love.  They are there because of his immense ability to forgive and see the best in people.

Eric says Happy Thanksgiving to Stephanie.  He thanks Pam for keeping Stephanies memory alive.

Pam says for so much of her life she has been alone.  Charlie has made up for that.

Charlie tells Vivien he’s had the pleasure of getting to know Maya and Nicole.  They must come from a great loving strong mother.

Vivien tells her husband he isn’t afraid to speak his mind, but she knows it comes from a love of his family.

Julius is proud of Nicole jumping into her new role in Paris.  He’s proud of the woman she’s become.

Nicole is grateful to Maya for being a wonderful mother to Lizzie. International has been a great experience also.   One Maya recommended.

Maya tells rick he is a loving incredible father and husband.  A true partner and she loves him.

Rick turns to Ridge.  They’ve had their differences. He respects that he loves his mother.

Ridge tells Brooke they will always be connected.  “Destiney” everyone chimes in.  He’ll always bet here for him

Brooke tells Bill has fond memories of their time together and she’s thankful the Spencer men are back together. He will always be dear to her.

Bil tells Steffy that he used to think he held their family together.  But lately its been Steffy.  She’s exceptional on every level and he knows she and Liam will have a long and happy level today.

Steffy disagrees with Bill, she thinks Liam is the glue that holds the family together and he loves her for all her faults.  She loves him.

The Forrester family wish each other a happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the meal Pam and Charlie prepared.

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