Thorne Moves in with Brooke; Liam is Grateful, Wyatt is Suspicious, Steffy Panics; Sheila and Pam Friends

Thorne Moves in With Brooke

Thorne is visiting Brooke and tells her he likes her new haircut.  She tells him he doesn’t have to compliment her to stay at her home as long as he likes.

They discuss Ridge rubbing him the wrong way by calling him little brother.  Ridge’s attitude is part of the reason that Thorne stayed away.  Thorne thinks the term is a way to keep Thorne in his place, that Ridge is leader of the family and company.

The Bold and the Beautiful November 28 2017

Brooke says Ridge can be rough around the edges but that makes him irresistible. Thorne does state he is charming.  But he got the looks. Brooke says they are both handsome men who are really nothing alike.  Thorne just hopes Ridge appreciates her.

Thorne hopes that he and Ridge can get along – on the same continent, in the same room. Thorne wonders why Brooke and Ridge broke up.  They were supposed to marry in Australia.  No one told him what happened.

Thorne quickly realizes Ridge cheated because there is always another woman with his brother.  Brooke doesn’t want to talk about it.  If she ever does, he’s there for her.

No One Will Come Between Ridge and Brooke

Quinn and Ridge are working together, He thanks her for Thanksgiving.  Quinn gives Pam and Charlie credit for feeding the family and is glad Sheila Carter didn’t crash it.  They discuss him and Brooke getting back together.  Ridge is optimistic.  He’s learned his lesson.  He’s not going to push Brooke too hard.

The Bold and the beautiful recap November 28 2017

They discuss International and Ridge says Quinn can ask Thorne everything she wants to know because he has just moved back to LA. Quinn wonders if Ridge is testy because he is worried about Thorne taking his job.  Ridge says he isn’t

Conversation returns to Ridge and Brooke.  Ridge says he is going to be patient and nothing and no one is going to come between them.

Sheila Befriends Pam

Pam is at Il Giordio and is shocked to find Sheila is her waitress.  Does Eric know she’s still in town Pam wonders.  Sheila couldn’t afford to lost the job, and wont bother Eric or Quinn ever again.  She better not, Pam says.  She heard about her stunt with the estate manager.  She could have broken Eric’s heart.  Sheila still has concerns about Quinn being a l loyal wife to Eric.

The Bold and the Beautiful 28 2017recap november

Pam is going to the cemetery to visit Stephanie’s grave.  Ridge still comes once in a while, but Eric not so much since he married Quinn.  Sheila says she always had respect for Stephanie.  Sheila offers to go with Pam if she wants company.

Sheila thinks they have much in common – Big Bear, Donna Logan and honey.  Pam doesn’t like to talk about it.  Sheila says she’s had her moments also.  Like Pam she’s changed.  Sheila wonders if they could be friends.  Pam is surprised to say that she is enjoying Sheila’s company and admits she doesn’t have that many girlfriends.

Liam is Grateful, Wyatt is Suspicious

Liam again gives Steffy credit for bringing the Spencer family together.  Bill says he has done some things a father should never to do a son.  Liam takes responsibility for his part, but Bill says it pales compared to what he has done, and Bill promises that he will never be that man again.

Wyatt hopes the new peace sticks and they are not back at each other’s throats next week.  Liam again gives Steffy credit, but she says it was Liam who made her realize they can just focus on the future and move forward butting the past behind them.  That is what they are going to do, Steffy says hugging Liam.  All of them.

Later when Wyatt and Liam are working together, Wyatt wants to know what is going on.  Wyatt says there is something going on here – perhaps even more than Liam realizes.  Wyatt says Bill holds grudges, he doesn’t let go, so forgiving Liam is just too easy.  Wyatt thinks that there is something up because of the way Bill is acting.

Bill and Steffy’s Secret Would Kill Liam – No one Can Know

Alone Steffy tells Bill that they shouldn’t have done what they did.  How did they let that happen Steffy asks?  It’s killing her.  She betrayed her husband, her vows and her marriage.  She let Liam down,  Bill says they both did.  He’s Liam’s father.

Bill says what happened between them wasn’t ugly it was beautiful, but Steffy can’t hear that right now. Bill says Wyatt suspects something, which panics Liam.  Maybe should confess and tell him everything.  Bill says he can’t know.  He says that night reawakened feeling in him.  He was ready to run away with her, but she wanted to stay with her husband, so Liam can never know.  The truth would kill him.  So they have to keep their secret.  No one will ever know.

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