Thorne’s New Career; Brooke Suspicious; Ridge and Quinn Friendly; Second Chance For Sheila?

Aly’s Fashion – Thorne is a Designer With His Own Successful Label

Brooke asks when Thorne became a tea drinker.  He picked it up in Europe. It upsets Thorne that Ridge can’t accept how incredible Brooke is and that he has to turn to another woman.

Thorne shows Brooke some designs he has been working on.  She tells him they are beautiful.   He started designing just after Aly died.  Thorne says he was a mess for a while, but he’s okay now.    A French designer who lost a son encouraged him to find solace in his work.  Thorne took classes and he was fortunate to have the help of many talented designers in Paris.

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The Bold and teh Beautiful recap November 29 2017

Have you heard of Aly’s fashion Thorne asks?  Brooke has – it’s a small label in Europe getting a lot of press.  Brooke realizes its his.  Thorne says his daughter inspired him to do this, take a chance.  He’s here to share his dream with the rest of the family.

Brooke is honored to be the first to know.  She’s is proud of him and they hug.  Thorne says he would like to work with both Ridge and his father.  He always wanted to be part of the design team, not just the logistics guy. Throne t what thinks there is something different about Brooke and it started with Sydney.  He asks again what happened.  Brooke admits it was just a silly kiss, but Thorne isn’t buying it.  It ended her relationship and saw her marry Bill.

When Brooke is hurting, Ridge is usually the cause.  Brooke tells him to let it go.  He has a new career to focus on. Thorne realizes that kiss must have been with someone pretty upsetting for her to call off the wedding.  Brooke tells him to relax, she’s going to the office.

Ridge and Quinn Chemistry

Ridge tells Quinn he could design address around a piece of jewelry she designed.  Ivy arrives and agrees that Quinn’s work is amazing.  She also notices the chemistry between Ridge and Quinn.  Ivy asks if it is true Thorne is back in town.  Ridge says it is.  Ridge compliments Quinn’s work.  Quinn says life is good, it must be reflecting in her work.  Ridge can tell, her eyes are sparkling. This is her finest collection ever.

They talk about whether Thorne is here to stay.  Ridge thinks he might be.  He tells Quinn he doesn’t want Thorne to know about them.  Quinn says no one is talking about it anymore, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Ridge and Quinn are glad for their friendship. Ridge is admiring Quinn’s necklace when Brooke arrives and sees them through a crack in the door.  She hears him say “Beautiful, absolutely beautiful” and given her conversation with Thorne is immediately suspicious.

Pam Thinks Sheila Deserves a Second Chance

Pam asks Charlie if he believes in rehabilitation.  Charlie doesn’t.  Pam admits she ran into Sheila at Il Giordino.  Still in town, Charlie notes. Pam says she was her waitress, but they had an interesting chat.  Charlie thinks Sheila is incapable of changing.  Pam reminds him many people thought that of her also.

The Bold and the Beatuiful Recap November 29 2017

Charlie thinks that Sheila has conned Pam.  Pam notes that Sheila’s only hope is to mend her ways.  Everyone deserves a second chance Pam says.  Charlie notes the only second chance Sheila wants is with Eric.

Eric  Surprised Sheila Is Still in Town

Sheila is at work and notices Eric having lunch with Carter.  She smiles.  Carter and Eric conclude their business and Carter leaves. Sheila comes up to Eric’s table. He’s surprised she’s still in town.  Sheila says her life here is the happiest she’s been. She’s sad her legacy with him has so much pain attached.  She tested his wife and Quinn passed. She had to make sure Quinn was worthy of Eric.  She won’t apologize for that.

The Bold and the Beautiful November 29 2017

Eric has to leave, Thorne wants to see him. Sheila says that she just wants him to be happy. She asks for her portrait back.  If its any consolation Sheila tells eric that Quinn must be good for him since she passed her test.

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