Time To Stamp Out Spectra Fashions and the Tie Between Liam and Sally…

Time To Stamp Out Spectra Fashions…

Bill is admiring his tower when Steffy arrives.  She asks why the tower is there.  Its going ahead Bill says on the former site of Spectra Fashions.  Bill fills Steffy in on the details of Liam not having the legal authority to give away the Spectra Building.  Steffy realizes they are fighting again.  Bill explains what went down,

Steffy tells Bill that Sally knows she set fire to the building.  Bill reminds her the proof is gone and Liam is delivering the bad news right now.

Bill tells Steffy that Liam wouldn’t accept his offer to move Spectra.  Liam doesn’t have a head for business Bill says.  He wanted to give Sally a year, but it makes no sense to put money into a building Bill is going to tear down in a year.

Bill may understand why the building is important to Sally, but not to Liam.  Bills says that Liam is too involved with Spectra and far too attached to Sally.  Steffy wonders what Bill is implying.

Bill says Liam is too close to Sally.  Steffy agrees.  There is only one explanation for Liam’s behavior.  Bill can’t say what Liam is thinking about Sally, but he can guarantee Sally is too fond of Liam.  Sally has created too many problems.  It’s time to stamp out Spectra fashions and the tie between Sally and Liam.

Liam Comes Up With A Plan to Save Spectra Fashions

At Spectra fashions the team is hard at work. Shirly is impressed by Sally’s designs. Liam arrives.  Shirley leaves. Sally says they just hired 12 new sewers and she is excited about all their progress.  Liam is sorry. His Dad did it again.  His father is taking back ownership of her building.

the bold and the beautiful recap November 1 2017
Liam delivers the bad news to Sally that Bill still owns the building and is set to demolish it this week.

Liam says it’s about the land.  Bill is going to build his skyscraper here.  Sally can’t believe this is happening.  Liam says he will help her deal with the bank.  They’ll figure this out.  Liam tells her the wrecking crews are ready to go.  Sally is disappointed.  She can’t keep fighting and losing.  She wonders why Bill hates her so much.

Sally says she keeps getting so close.  How many times do they have to go through this.  Shirly, Saul and Darlita arrive excited.  Sally tells them Bill Spencer owns the building.  Their big comeback is over.  The building will be demolished this week.

Liam explains that Bill stabbed him in the back.  Liam is sorry.  Shirley says this is not happening.  The building is her sister’s legacy.  Shirley doesn’t give a damn what the law says.  No one is going to tear down this building and if they bring in a wrecking ball, they need to go through her Shirley says.  Now there is an idea, Liam says, a peaceful protest.  A sit in everyone agrees.  Liam asks Sally if she’s ready to fight for it.  She is, but she can’t decide for anyone else.  The team agree. Sally says it could be dangerous.  They don’t know what can happen.

Liam is also in.  He’s not a bystander.  They’ve been bullied by his father. Sally reminds him that he and his father just started getting along again.  Liam tells her this is the right thing to do, he’s not going to let Bill tear down this building.

Later, Sally tells Shirley that Bill may not care.  Shirley says he will with his son in the building. Sally says that Liam fights for what is right. She’s fighting for Sepctra because its her home, but Liam has nothing to gain from this.  It could affect his job and destroy his relationship with his father.  He’s doing this because they need a champion  and he’s a great guy.  Saving out lives could ruin his, Sally notes.

Steffy Bans Liam From The Sit In

At home, Liam and Steffy discuss what Bill did.  Steffy defends Bill.  The deal wasn’t valid. Steffy says relocation may help.  No one is threatening to put them out of business.  Liam says they are in the middle of production. Liam tells Steffy he found a way to stop Bill.  A sit in.  A Protest.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps November 1 2017
Steffy outraged Liam would put his life in danger for Sally Spectra

Liam gets buys making plans for the sit in.  Steffy tells him this protest is ridiculous.  Bill’s not doing anything wrong he owns the building.  Steffy wonders why Liam is so attached to this project.  They argue. A sit in while they dynamite the building is dangerous and Steffy isn’t letting him do this.

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