Warning Blast Flushes Protesters Out, But Liam and Sally Change Their Mind as Bill Detonates

Steffy Has a Bad Feeling

Wyatt thinks Liam’s plan to place himself in a building wired with explosives is ridiculous. Steffy calls Liam and pleads with him not to do this.  Liam won’t stand down and wishes his ife could support him.  Wyatt tries to reassure Steffy that either Bill or Liam will have to cave eventually.  But Steffy has a bad feeling about this and heads over to the site.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap November 3 2017
Steffy has a bad feeling about Liam’s sit-in plans

Will He or Won’t He?

In the no dark Spectra Building, Bill’s first move, has had the desired effect.  Sally’s teams is becoming nervous and they debate whether Bill will or won’t blow up the building with Liam inside.  Liam, who is probably more familiar with his father’s ruthless ways than any of them can’t be sure, so he says little.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap November 3 2017
Liam won’t see Sally’s legacy turned into a graveyard for the sake of one man’s ego

Outside, Bill admires his son just a little for standing up for what he believes in a way, Bill probably through Liam wasn’t capable of, putting himself in imminent danger, but he tells Justin he can’t let Liam get away with this.

He orders the warehouse on the perimeter to be demolished.  It works to unseat all except Sally and Liam from the building, and eventually, they too head outside.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap November 3, 2017
Sally’s team loses interest in the sit in when Bill blows up the warehouse as a warning shot

Justin Tells Bill the Site is Clear

Justin gives Bill to good news.  The protestors including ring leaders Sally and Liam are out of the building. Bill wastes no time in preparing to demolish the building.  He puts on a headset….

At the last moment, Sally and Liam change their mind and head back inside.  Justin tries to contact Bill, but Liam doesn’t hear his phone. As Steffy arrives on site, Bill is smiling as he pushes the detonator.

Too late, Bill sees Justin’s message and screams “No!” realizing he has done the unconscionable.  Blown up Spectra Fashions with his son, Liam, inside.

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