While Bill Plans a Romantic Getaway With “Mrs Spencer”, Liam and Steffy Renew Their Vows

Bill Plans a Romantic Getaway with “Mrs Spencer”

Bill reflects on what he told Steffy before they made love.  If Liam doesn’t appreciate her for all that she is, Steffy should know that he does.

Justin arrives.  Bill tells him to get the jet ready for tomorrow morning and get the Stella Maris stocked.  Justin asks who the lucky lady is.  Bill won’t say.  Justin assumes it’s Brooke.

Bill gives Justin the name Mrs Spencer for the flight manifest.

The Bold and the Beatuiful Recaps November 17 2017

Liam and Steffy Renew Their Vows

Liam is relieved to have Steffy home who didn’t mean to worry him. Steffy is having a hard time listening to Liam say he is the one who betrayed their marriage vows.  They can put this behind them and move forward,

Steffy just wants to go back to before the building came down.  Liam suggests them go ack to their wedding day.  Liam wants to renew their vows, which explains why Carter is stopping by.  Carter knocks at the door.  Liam tells Carter that he and Steffy would like him to officiate their vow renewal.  Tonight.  Steffy smiles.

The Bold and the Beautiful recap November 17, 2017
Bill and Steffy renew their marriage vows and start their marriage anew…

Carter says he can, if they are both inclined.  But Steffy says she wasn’t expecting this.  Liam needs to say the words.  He has to reassure her that he will never betray her again.  Steffy tells Liam that she has something to tell him, about tonight.  She gave up on them.  But Liam interrupts.  She came home to him and isn’t half-way to Paris that’s all he needs to know. Liam just wants to start all over.  Reaffirm his commitment to her and put everything in the past.  She can tell him in her vows.

Steffy agrees.  They need a fresh start and what happened before no longer matters.

They exchange vows.

Liam thanks her for doing this; for coming home to him after causing her so much pain.  He betrayed their vows, put Sally’s feelings above hers.  He will never do that again.  She has been the one constant in his life, the person he can trust more than anyone else.  He pledges from this day to be worthy of her.

Steffy says Liam is a constant in her life.  She can’t imagine a life with someone else.  He’s her forever.  She meant it in Australia, and she means it today.  There is no mistake he can make to change that.  Everyone makes mistakes.  She made a terrible one tonight.  She almost forgot how amazing they are.  Together they can overcome anything, She needed this ceremony more than he will ever know and thanks him for it.

Carter gives them back their rings and they place them back on each other’s fingers.  Carter pronounces them husband and wife.  Still.  Steffy cries as Liam hugs her.  Liam thanks Steffy for coming home to her.

Carter leaves.

A new marriage.  Starting tonight.  Steffy wonders if its possible to put all of this behind them.  They just did, Liam says.  He will never betray her, or disrespect their vows again.  As Steffy hugs Liam she cries while thinking about making love to Bill.

Steffy and Liam Marry In Australia
Steffy and Liam Wedding – The Bride Wore Black


Katie and Wyatt  – Pizza Delivery

Wyatt and Katie are playing sexy roleplaying games where Wyatt is a pizza delivery boy and Katie has no money.  How will she pay?  Later, Katie asks if he can get hold of a pilot’s uniform.  Wyatt thinks it’s a good idea he wears disguises when he comes over.  It’s only a matter of time til Bill walks in on them, everyone else has.  They decide the best time to tell Bill about them is when Bill has a new woman in his life, because then he won’t care.


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