While Wyatt Reminds Liam How Loyal Bill Has Been, Bill Tells Steffy Liam Doesn’t Deserve Her

Wyatt Reminds Liam that Bill Has Been Nothing But Loyal To Him

Liam is pacing frustrated that he hasn’t been able to contact Steffy.  Wyatt suggests that she needs space.  Besides this they have been solid, Wyatt says.  Everything will work out.  Liam says he can’t lose her.  He tries to call her again.  Liam has no clue where Steffy has gone,

Liam decides that none of this would have happened if Bill hadn’t been obsessed with his building.  Wyatt tells Liam to get off his soapbox, it was a good business decision.  It will create jobs and income. Liam says the jobs and income will be there if he builds it somewhere else.  Bill likes trampling on the little guy, Liam says.  Wyatt reminds Liam that Bill is driven by his family.  Everything Liam has came from his selfish egotistical father.

Steffy has worked hard to put Liam’s relationship with Bill back together.  Bill has always been faithful and loyal to you, Wyatt tells Liam.  Their father has always had their backs, Wyatt tells his brother.  Wyatt suggests Liam call his father and see if he can help her with Steffy.  Liam says this is on him.  He will fix it.

Liam is determined to fix things with Steffy. ...
Liam is determined to fix things with Steffy. …

Wyatt asks Liam if he wants to go find Steffy, but he doesn’t think she wants that.  Liam agrees.  Wyatt hopes he has learned a little.  Liam says he didn’t respect her opinions, but he thought Steffy would understand the circumstances he and Sally were in.

There isn’t man on the planet that would kill to have what he has, and he hurt her.  He has to make this right, Liam says.

Bill Tells Steffy Liam Doesn’t Deserve Her

Steffy cries on Bill shoulder, she can’t think about Liam and Sally making out.  Betrayal is something Liam is getting very comfortable with, Bill says.  Maybe he deserved it, but Steffy deserved so much more.

When Liam calls and Steffy doesn’t take it he tells her he is just going to keep calling, but Steffy doesn’t want to hear his voice.  She feels so alone and like she couldn’t give him what he needed.  Bill tells her she’s not alone and she’s more than enough for any man.

Bill says he knew he had a thing for Sally, an emotional connection from the start.  He put her above everything.  Steffy agrees. He wouldn’t have kissed Sally if he didn’t have feelings for her. Instead of thinking about her Liam was kissing a woman she can’t stand.

Bill says that he doesn’t think Liam has ever appreciated how uniquely special Steffy is, he says stroking her cheek.  She is unlike any woman he’s ever known.

The Bold and the Beautiful Recap November 15 2017
Steffy questions what she wasn’t giving Liam that he had to get it from Sally Spectra

Steffy never though Liam would cheat on her.  Bill wants to know how he left things with Liam.  Steffy tells him they both need time.  He needs to work out how he feels about her and Sally.

Bill knows how Steffy feels.  He’s been there.  Steffy asks what is wrong with them.  Bill says there is a lot wrong with him, but she’s nothing short of incredible. Bill tells her she’s perfection.  Steffy says if hat were true her husband wouldn’t be making out with another woman.

Bill thinks the issue is elsewhere.  He’s tried to support Liam and Steffy’s marriage as much as he could, but maybe Liam’s not the one for Steffy.

Her Dad and Brooke did this to each other over and over again, and Steffy swore that would never be her story.  He obviously found something in Sally he didn’t find in her.  Bill tells her she doesn’t have an shortcomings, she’s extraordinary in so many ways.

He felt lost, but he wasn’t because he had her.  Now Bill is going to do the same thing for Steffy. She appreciates that. Steffy says she feels like such a failure. Bill tells her she is the grand prize.  Liam failed her not the other way around. Steffy can’t get the image of Liam kissing Sally out of his head.  Bill tells Steffy Liam doesn’t deserve her.

Steffy thanks him for being there for her and trying to make her feel better.  Bill says every word he has said is true.  He cherishes every moment he is with Steffy.  Bill says the two of them are a lot alike, that’s why they understand each other so well.

Steffy says for all she knows that wasn’t the first time they kissed. Her husband was touching another woman; her enemy.  She doesn’t deserve that.  Bill says she deserves the unrelenting loyalty of someone who gets her. She’s a prize that any many should cherish.  He does.  Bill tells Steffy he loves her and is grateful she is in his life.  He will always be there for her. He’ll never ignore her feelings or discount them.

She’s beautiful, sexy, smart and sophisticated.  If Liam doesn’t appreciate her for all she is, know that he does, Bill tells Steffy. He always has, always will, Bill says cupping her face in his hands.

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