December 11: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Liam Questions Steffy About her Story

Monday, December 11, 2017 – Episode #7332


Liam Wants The Truth From Steffy

Last week saw Liam telling Steffy that Quinn said she was at the Forrester guest house on the night that Liam confessed to Steffy that he and Sally kissed in the rubble of the demolished Spectra building.  When Liam asked where Steffy was that night and what she did to have her return to him almost a different person than when she left, Steffy told Liam that she drove around for a while, parked and thought about what a wonderful husband he was.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers December 11 2017

That story didn’t sit well with Liam given that Steffy had stormed out after their argument stating she needed space to decide whether she still wanted to be with him.  It just didn’t gel.  But ultimately, he was just grateful that Steffy had forgiven him his indiscretion with Sally, that he just wanted to forget that night and start over.

But now, Liam has two conflicting stories and he wants to know why his wife lied.  Both stories can’t be true, Liam tells his wife. Liam wonders why Steffy won’t tell him which story is the truth.

Brooke Referees Ridge and Thorne

Brooke returns from answering the door to find brother, Ridge and Thorne arguing yet again.  And since Thorne shoved Ridge to the ground last week their argument just got physical.  Of course, Ridge was pretty insulting telling Thorne that he was their mother’s favorite son, that Thorne wasn’t a leader, let alone a designer.  But it was when Ridge asked if Thorne was going to hide in the basement or run away to Paris that Thorne got physical. Last week ended with Ridge on the ground.  But every good shove deserves a push…

Brooke ends up playing referee between the two brothers.  She tries to broker peace between the two by asking why they can’t see the good in each other like she does.

Bold and the Beautiful Video Spoilers
Monday December 11, 2017

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