December 12: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers – Thorne and Brooke Are Seen

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 – Episode #7333


Thorne Confesses His Feelings

Brooke should be used to having at least two men fighting over her by now.  But it seems Thorne’s kiss and confession of his feelings for her take Brooke by surprise.  Undoubtedly a pleasant surprise, yet still, a surprise.

Thorne announcing that he wants Brooke back and that she doesn’t have to marry his brother to keep from being alone is no doubt heart felt, and Brooke will be flattered.  Thorne is after all, handsome and accomplished, even if his older brother, Ridge, doesn’t think so. But, Brooke has spent her adult life bounding back and forth between Ridge and “other men”.  And Thorne, unfortunately is just another one of those “other men”.  Brooke will no doubt let Thorne down gently because she does genuinely care for Thorne, but until he kissed her, she reuniting with this former husband wasn’t even on her radar.  She tells him that he has everything that a woman would want in a partner.

And then there is that nasty complication of Brooke still being married.  To Bill.  Who seems to have gotten over Brooke being the love of his life and focusing all his attention on the “real” love of his life, Steffy.

The Bold and the Beatuiful Spoilers December 12 2017

Nicole Spies Thorne and Brooke

Brooke may not be seriously considering a relationship with Thorne, yet, but she and Thorne are about to become fodder for gossip, with Nicole, who has returned from Paris, witnessing the close moment between Thorne and Brooke.

She takes the juicy gossip to her sister Maya.  It will be interesting to see what Maya’s reaction to the gossip is, given that yesterday she reprimanded Quinn for sharing Liam and Steffy’s marital woes. Will Maya decide its none of their business and shut the gossip down?  Or will she tells her husband, and Brooke’s son, Rick. Rick has never been a fan of Ridges, but with room for only one brotherly rivalry at a time, Rick has come to accept Ridge as the lesser of two evils  in choices for his mother’s companion, when the other option is Bill Spencer.  Will that change now that Thorne is the other option?

Quinn and Ivy Discuss Brooke and Ridge

At Forrester Creations Quinn and Ivy are also discussing the possibility of Brooke finally reuniting with Ridge.  Quinn is sure it will happen.  Perhaps as much out of guilt as anything else.  After all, Quinn’s life went on after she and Ridge betrayed their respective partners with their dalliance.  But Ridge hasn’t been so fortunate. Yet.

Quinn asks Ivy is she has seen how Brooke looks at Ridge.  Even when she doesn’t entirely agree with him?  But Ivy has been around the Forrester family for longer than Quinn and says nothing is a given until it happens.

Bold and the Beautiful Video Spoilers
Tuesday December 12, 2017

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